Outside Magazine vs. Lance Armstrong: What's the BFD?


outside magazine lance armstrong Lance Armstrong, the amazing bicyclist, serial dater of blondes, and self-proclaimed non-steroid-user is pissed off at Outside Magazine. And he's letting all the world (or at least his twitter followers) know it.

Apparently, the seven-time Tour de France champion is none too pleased about some photo-shopping that Outside did of him on the cover of its most recent issue. Female celebrities and cover models get airbrushed all the time until they look impossibly perfect (or weirdly distorted depending on your perspective). But rarely have we heard from a male celebrity complaining about his magazine cover appearance.

Lance is doing just that.

So what's his beef?

Look closely at the photo: Did they leave in too many wrinkles? Make him look too skinny? Cut off part of his bicep?

Not exactly.

Here's what he tweeted at about 1:30 (EST) this afternoon:

lance armstrong outside tweet"Just saw the cover of the new Outside mag w/ yours truly on it. Nice photoshop on a plain t-shirt guys. That's some lame bullshit."

The "lame bullshit" is this: Lance didn't actually wear the blue "38. BFD." T-shirt he's shown wearing on the cover. He was wearing a plain blue tee, and the magazine photo-shopped in the phrase. The magazine wrote,  "Note: Not Armstrong's real T-shirt" above Lance's right knee.

Um, sorry Lance, but I guess I just don't see what the BFD is. You obviously have no problem with swearing in front of your adoring fans (see aforementioned tweet). And we can all google you and find out your age in, like, a second.

The Outside editors wrote in something that went along with their story and it's not particularly offensive to anyone (except evidently Lance). And it's certainly not as offensive as taking 15 pounds off the beautiful body of, say, Kate Winslet (and the list goes on).

My guess is that Lance really took issue with the copy in the box to the right:

"His age, new rival, latest scandal. Is this the end for Lance?"

After all, no one likes to be reminded he's a has-been.

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nonmember avatar leigh

i LOVE lance armstrong, but ya,  he's gotta lighten up.

nonmember avatar kyle

suzanne, if theres one thing i hate about the media or journalism, its that nobody can just present the news as it is.   No, most people are so biased that they do whatever it takes to ruin someone's image and have to add their opinion in on the matter.  The truth is suzanne, like him or hate him, he's won 7 tour de frances and helped out the cancer community more than most people imagine.  So just since you voiced your opinion, heres mine, just stick to the news suzanne and leave out your biased opinions.  And as far as being a has been, does finishing 3rd on the podium of the 2009 tour de france mean your're still not one of the best in the world? just checking.

nonmember avatar Mykel

As a long time cyclist and cycling geek I would have to agree with Kyle. Lance is no has-been.  Looking at the cover of the magazine I can understand why he's ticked. If those were the intentions of the editors and the jounalist then why not lay it out in the contract?  That's why there are PR personnel. Full disclosure is something that the media begs for, but does the greater media offer full disclosure?

















Julie... Juliebearkat

I don't think it matters what kind of language he used to tweet but it does matter that the magazine wants to portray him in their manner, not his.  Adding something to his plain t-shirt and then putting it on the cover is "B-Sh$t....it's sad that the bottom line for that mag is the money.

nonmember avatar ColoMama

What's offensive is that they put words in his mouth when they put words on his T. Everyone knows a T-shirt is a billboard for personal statements, and Lance didn't ever say what was on the shirt. I'd be pissed, too.

And your claim that he's a "has-been"? Well, that's some "pretty lame bull****", too. I don't see you standing on a podium anywhere, winning any international elite titles, nor defending the right of cancer fighters to live full, quality lives. Just sayin'.

nonmember avatar FitSsikS

Gee an altered photo on the cover of a magazine...that is a FIRST.

I thought that the point of the fake shirt was to suggest that Lance didn't care about his age?

I guess when you get older you get grumpy.

Or.....maybe it's the real meaning of BFD?

Big F---ing Doper



nonmember avatar kaz

I'm with Kyle - the editorializing is unnecessary (also ugly and incorrect).  Lance Armstrong and his foundation have raised millions of dollars for cancer.  As an individual, he gives so much to cancer survivors.  So please, look in the mirror and tell us what you've done for *millions* of people lately?  I'm not a huge Armstrong fan but I've seen too many people die agonizing deaths from cancer ... and every time I do I thank God for people like Lance Armstrong and Susan Komen's sister ... people who put so much energy into raising money to help stop other families from going through what they've gone through.  He sill NEVER be a "has-been" in my book while doing so much good for so many.

ColoMama makes another great point about t-shirts being individual statements.  It's a violation (if a rather benign one) because it's stating something that was unintended and/or unwanted by the person posing for the picture.  It's as bad as adding a false quote into the article and then, in tiny print at the bottom stating: "Lance never said that, btw."   

nonmember avatar Jay

I'm with Kyle, couldn't of said it any better. I'm guessing Suzanne's never pedalled in her life. Lance kicks ass even more at 38 and that's one helluva BFD.

nonmember avatar ralph anderson

Will some one please tell me what the "bfd" that was put on Lanse Armstong's tee shirt mean in English?  Or, can someone please translate  from  French: "Bovine Virus Dianhoe", which is apparenttly what the bfd means in French?  Thanks!



skyme... skymeetsland

Ralph, BFD = Big F***ing Deal according to http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2010/06/19/magazine-photoshops-vulgar-acronym-lance-armstrongs-shirt-cover.

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