Orange Mini Dresses at the World Cup and 6 Other Sports Stunts That Should Be Illegal

In the 2010 World Cup recently, Chile beat Honduras, Switzerland beat Spain, Uruguay beat South Africa, and 30 hot blondes were seized from the soccer stadium by police for wearing sexy orange mini dresses.

Since that last bit is probably a lot more intriguing to you than red cards and scores, let's go there. To prepare, watch this video. You won't see the orange mini dress babes, but you'll get an idea about how much Dutch people love the color orange. This video was taken at the Netherlands-Denmark game yesterday.

Now, click to see a picture of the Dutch women in orange mini dresses. Not that big a difference, right?


Problem was, most if not all the women were South African. Hired models, some say. They weren't there to root for the Dutch team, but to promote Bavaria beer in what officials are calling an ambush marketing stunt. The official sponsor of the games is Budweiser.

By some reports, the marketing stunt was illegal in South Africa, thus several of the women were detained. They now face possible charges with jail time for what, I don't know, their ghastly fashion sense?

Every other person there was wearing orange, so how can you segregate one group of orange-wearers, though South Africa has been pretty good at that in the past. If the dresses bore a label or advertisement, it was too small to show up in these pictures.

If a nothing stunt like this warrants jail time, I think some of the tacky things that Americans do at sports games here in hopes of getting on TV deserve life sentences. Some highly annoying publicity-generating antics include:

1. Painting entire faces (and heads, shaved specifically for the purpose) in their team's colors.

2. Painting letters on bare stomachs, so that when they sit in the row with the rest of their similarly lettered friends, it spells out a team or player name or cheer.

3. Foam finger waving.

4. Cat in the Hat hat wearing, blocking everyone else's view.

5. Dressing as Darth Vader or in any other stupid Halloween costume.

6. Possession of one of those damned bumblebee horns. Oh, wait. That's just at the World Cup. Please stop that, anyway.

Did these women warrant arrest?

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