Touchdown Jesus Burns: Why, God, Why?

touchdown jesus burnedTouchdown Jesus (also known as the King of Kings statue and Big Butter Jesus) was struck with lightning last night and burned dramatically to the ground.

The 62-foot statue of Christ was located in Monroe, Ohio, and is not the Touchdown Jesus mural visible from the Notre Dame football stadium.

Sounds to me like God was really pissed off about something. The question is: What? Or maybe there isn't a God after all, and this is a sign? The Twitterverse is alight with the possibilities of what really took Big Butter Jesus down.

Here are 10 "explanations."

  1. God meant to strike the nearby Hustler and missed. (Hey, we all have our off days.)
  2. Touchdown Jesus statue struck by lighting, burns to ground. Zeus claims responsibility. @michaelmayes 
  3. god himself hated the beard on the touchdown jesus statue so much he rained fire from the sky and struck it with lightning @decrepdsol
  4. Maybe God has preferences in architecture @scribeftl
  5. Overheard today, "God does his own marketing when business is slow." @eurekacorie
  6. Lightning didn't destroy Touchdown Jesus. Jonny Gomes' last home run ball finally landed. @Fireball44
  7. Touchdown Jesus & Discoverer Enterprise catch fire bc of lightning. Coincidence? I think not @poopaltar
  8. Did touchdown Jesus get struck by lightning because my daughter is not baptized? @BrutalismBlog
  9. God was taking the angels to the movies and needed some melted butter for his popcorn.
  10. Maybe Atomic Atheist was flying a kite near touchdown Jesus? @A_Naturalist

Sad that Touchdown Jesus is gone? Don't worry, he'll be resurrected back -- Solid Rock Church officials said they have plans to start rebuilding the iconic King of Kings statue this summer. Yet many think that the money should go to the needy and not another statue.

In the meantime, visit the RIP Touchdown Jesus Facebook page to express your condolences.

Do you think the burning of the King of Kings statue was an act of God or an act of irony? Do you think it should be rebuilt?


Image via YouTube (click to see video)

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