Barbara Bush: Like Mother, Like Daughter?

Barbara Bush is happy with President Obama's Health Care Reform. No, not the Barbara Bush who's mom to George W., but rather the 28-year-old Barbara Bush who calls him dad.

Barbara is the president of the Global Health Corps, a non-profit organization that's trying to bring health equity to the United States and Africa. She appeared on Fox News Sunday and here's what she had to say.

"Health should be a right for everyone."

Barbara became committed to health care while traveling in Africa with her parents. After she graduated from Yale, she worked in a children's hospital in South Africa.

During her interview with Chris Wallace, the two got to talking about health care reform.


Barbara Bush: Why do basically people with money have good health care and why do people that live on lower salaries not have good health care? You know, health should be a right for everyone.

Chris Wallace: What do you think of Obama health care reform?

Barbara Bush: That is a good question. And obviously, the health care reform bill, you know, was highly debated by a lot of people. And I guess I’m glad that, you know, a bill was passed.

Hmm ... wonder what dad thinks about that? (And if mom is secretly cheering?)

In the novel American Wife, a fictionalized story said to be based on Laura Bush's life, the author Curtis Sittenfeld suggests that her former first lady character is a Democrat who supports abortion rights, among other things.

And just recently, while on tour to promote her new memoir Spoken From the Heart, Laura Bush admitted that she did indeed support abortion rights as well as gay marriage (though she never admitted to being a Democrat). 

The Bushes aren't the only political family who seem to be at odds on some issues. Senator John McCain is against same sex marriage and has been strongly vocal against the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. Yet, his wife Cindy and his daughter Meghan have both appeared in ads for NOH8, which oppose California's Proposition 8 banning gay marriage. While Meghan distanced herself from her dad's gay marriage platform early on (and has just set out on a Gay Marriage Publicity Tour), one wonders if Cindy would have voiced her support for gay marriage if McCain had won the presidency.

It must be a tough choice to make when you're in a political family. Do you tow the family's party line when mom or dad is in office -- and wait until they're out to show your true colors? Or do you remain true to your own political ideals, no matter the inevitable negative attention it will get?

Malia ... Sasha ... Michelle ... anything you want to tell us?

Do you think family members should publicly support a candidate to whom they're related, even if they don't support his or her policies?


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