Alvin Greene's Obscenity Charge: South Carolina Wake Up Call?

Alvin Greene
Photo from South Carolina Democratic Party
Alvin Greene's obscenity charges couldn't have come at a worse time -- or a better one, depending on how you look at it.

Let's face it -- it's been a bad few years for South Carolina's political system.

First their governor pretends to be doing the state's business while he's doing the nasty with his mistress in South America.

Then the hot young up-and-comer to succeed Governor Mark Sanford, Nikki Haley, is accused of having not one but two affairs.


Next up? A Republican State Senator, Jake Knotts, throwing around racial epithets not just at Haley but at President Barack Obama.

So the Republicans have had it bad.

The Democrats should be living it up, right?

Instead they're allegedly asking their newly crowned candidate for the US Senate, 32-year-old jobless veteran Alvin Greene, to step aside in the midst of his own scandal.

Greene drew 59 percent of the vote in the Tuesday primary with no website, no campaign fundraising, and no political background. By comparison, opponent Vic Rawl, who is literally double Greene's age at 64, had raised $186,000 and has spent four terms in the state's legislature.

His win was a surprise -- and confusing to party officials.

And now it's just plain embarrassing. The Army and Air Force veteran is facing a felony obscenity charge uncovered by the AP after the primary. Greene allegedly showed obscene online photos to a student at the University of South Carolina, and a conviction would carry a five-year sentence -- pushing him out of the Senate and opening the doors for someone to be appointed in his place.

State Democrats are nervous that Greene could go on to win the seat -- and then end up in jail -- and equally suspicious that he might just be a Republican plant who would guarantee them the seat either because of voter mistrust or through the possible appointment.

If voters are truly so apathetic that they chose Greene -- as is being reported -- because his name falls first in the alphabet before Rawl's, perhaps this scandal is just what they need to be roused up and fight for their right to quality representation.


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