Karenna Gore Schiff and Andrew Schiff Separate: Does Divorce Run In The Family?

Karenna Gore
Publicity photo from A-B-C.org
In other perfect-marriage-ending news, Karenna Gore Schiff has separated from her husband of nearly 13 years and has become the second Gore couple to make such an announcement this week.

The eldest of the four Gore children, Karenna, 36, and her husband, Dr. Drew Schiff, 44, have three children together: Wyatt, 10; Anna, 8; and Oscar, 3.

Dr. Schiff works for a biotech investment firm Aisling Capital and Karenna, a lawyer, wrote a book about inspirational women in history and volunteers at a legal aid clinic for domestic violence victims. She was also very active in her father's 2000 campaign for President and many expected her to go into politics herself. According to People, however, she is "mostly, being a mom."


Does this make anyone else as sad as it makes me?

I realize marriages in the public eye are probably not what they seem, but this is the third Gore marriage to break up -- first Kristen Gore, 32, divorced her husband, Paul Cusack, last year and then the parents and now this?

Maybe I'm naive, but I believed all these marriages were strong. I mean, 40 years? How could I not?

And as someone who just celebrated my seventh wedding anniversary with a husband I am probably more madly in love with than ever, the thought did cross my mind (and our discussion, too) last weekend when we were away celebrating: What about us?

It feels a little like this can happen to anyone. He believes that people enter into marriage with a variety of intentions and that we are different, but I believe people fall out of love and that, frighteningly, really can happen to anyone.


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