World Cup Reaches Fever Pitch: From Google to Obama

World Cup South Africa logo
World Cup Photo from FIFA
The World Cup will kick off in three days in South Africa, and Americans will have their once-every-four-years chance to get a taste of what football means in the rest of the world.

Which doesn't mean we'll escape total tomfoolery -- from the fun to the patently ridiculous. 


On the fun side, if you plug the term "World Cup" into Google these days, the long "Gooooogle" string at the bottom of the page has been changed to "Goooooooal."

On a more useful note, Google has also created a widget featuring the 32 countries, their flags, and the dates and times of upcoming matches. That appears automatically at the top of the string of results for a "world cup" search.

If you're the type who picks teams based on the pretty colors of their uniforms, you can change it up this year by picking the prettiest flag -- that may be bordering on the ridiculous end, but we promise not to judge.

Because the truly ridiculous goes to the conservatives at Newsbusters who are mad at TIME Magazine for creating a mock-up of the official World Cup soccer ball that they say looks too much like the Obama campaign logo.

Because apparently the colors blue and red are no longer open to the general public, only evil liberals who support the President.

You be the judge:


Shakira best keep in mind that she can't wear red OR blue as she sings the official World Cup song, "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" at the opening ceremonies. She'll be joined by John Legend, Alicia Keys, the Black Eyed Peas, and Freshlyground to get the party started in Johannesburg.

Proceeds from their concert will help 20 Centres for 2010, a charity building 20 Football for Hope Centres for public health, education, and football across Africa.

So that part isn't so fun, but getting in on World Cup predictions can help you waste plenty of money time! Sorry, TEAM USA is currently a long shot at the official "World Cup Predictions" site.

Has the World Cup fever reached your house?

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