The Sad Arizona School Mural Controversy Rightly Resolved

In one of the saddest and most shocking things I've heard in a long time, an Arizona elementary school decided to change a mural to depict whiter children after a city councilman complained that a black child was displayed too prominently in a "Go Green" mural.

Thankfully, the school rethought the decision, and the mural will remain as is.


The controversy began when city councilman Steve Blair questioned the color of the children's faces painted on the mural. "To depict the biggest picture on that building as a black person, I would have to ask the question, 'Why?'" Blair said on a May 21 broadcast, according to The Daily Courier. Other citizens reportedly called the mural "ghetto" and "tacky" and cars driving past it hurled racial slurs.

And no, this didn't happen 50 years ago, it happened this past week.

Even crazier is that the school listened and asked the artist to lighten up the skin color of the children depicted. School officials say the decision wasn't racially motivated but rather to fix "shading".

This morning the school reacted to public outcry and rethought the outrageous decision. The principal apologized, said the decision was a mistake and that they "went back with their original theme".

So while the end result is OK, it's really sad that this was ever an issue in the first place. And sad that the underlying attitudes that made it an issue are likely going to remain unchanged.

What do you think about the Arizona mural controversy?

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