Redesign BP's Logo -- Contest

bp logo redesign greenpeace
Photo from Greenpeace
A few years ago, BP rebranded itself as Beyond Petroleum as part of its efforts to give itself a more eco-friendly image.

According to Greenpeace UK, that was a bunch of green-washing hooey:

"BP wants to invest [in] the Canadian tar sands -- the dirtiest oil there is. They are threatening the Canadian wilderness, indigenous people, and the climate at precisely the time we should be cutting carbon emissions."

And then there's that whole oil spill thing for which BP is now under criminal investigation.


Greenpeace thinks it's time BP forgoes the slick, sunny green logo in favor of one that's more suitable for its "dirty business."

And it wants you to create it.

The environmental group is accepting entries for new designs of the BP logo. The winning logo will be used by Greenpeace as part of its international campaign against the oil company.

You can see all the entries so far right here on flickr.

Which logo was your favorite? What would you design into BP's 'new logo'?

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