Ted Koppel's Son Andrew, 40, Found Dead

ted koppel
Flickr photo by timbrauhn
For years, ABC newsman Ted Koppel sat in front of the camera as host of Nightline, an investigative news program. Yesterday, his youngest son, Andrew Koppel, became the center of his own investigation, following his tragic death after an apparent night of drinking in Manhattan, according to the Associated Press.

The younger Koppel, 40, was most recently an attorney working for the city Housing Authority's civil litigation division, a post he was said to have resigned in 2008. He lived in Queens with his girlfriend and a young daughter.

The events leading up to his death are troubling, but seemingly not criminal.


Koppel apparently starting drinking in a Hell's Kitchen bar on Sunday, where he first met a stranger, Russell Wimberly, 32, who quickly became his drinking buddy for the night. Wimberly told the New York Post that Koppel was drinking straight whiskey.

Later, Koppel returned with Wimberly to an apartment where Wimberly was living with a woman. Koppel was very drunk, and the roommates helped put him to bed to "sleep it off." Later in the night, they said Koppel had gotten sick and they discovered he wasn't breathing. They called 911.

Police did not give an immediate cause of death, a finding that will only be borne out with an autopsy and toxicology report, which will take several weeks.

Meantime, Koppel and his family are not commenting on the sad turn of events.


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