BP Oil Spill Live Feed: Rubbernecking at Its Worst?


oil spill bird
Flickr photo by IBRRC
Watching the BP Oil Spill Live Feed at the company's website has kept me occupied this morning; but I can't help feeling dirty.

This is the sight of devastation.

Currently measured at 30 miles long by 7 miles wide and hundreds of feet thick, this is the sight of dead turtles and birds.


Watch live streaming video from oilspill at livestream.com

It's the sight of 100,000 gallons barrels escaping into the Gulf of Mexico every day.

I'd take a shower, but it's a sight that makes me realize my clean water is precious.

BP's plan to do a "top kill" today was to be shown on the feed -- another procedure they admit may not be successful but are going to try anyway (anyone get the sense we're one step away from trying to plug it with bubblegum?) -- but they've then they opted out on letting us watch.

That was worrisome. What (else) are they trying to hide?

Why, as Rep. Ed Markey has pointed out, “After more than a month of spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico, [are they] essentially saying to the American people the solution will not be televised?"

UPDATE: Now they've reversed themselves again and will show it, but on another level, cutting the tape fills me with relief.

I can't watch anymore.

Will you be keeping your eyes on the Gulf today?

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nonmember avatar Shawn

100,000 gallons? Just saying, I hope that is a typo.

jeann... jeannesager

That should be barrels, not gallons, thanks Shawn!

nonmember avatar Mary

Actually according to the articles last night they are going to be keeping it on.  You can quit wringing your hands now.

nonmember avatar Scout's Honor


Yes, I can't watch anymore either. This makes me so sick to my stomach.  Definitely has cemented in my mind that off-shore drilling will always be a bad idea. So not worth it.  I just don't understand why Obama doesn't take over. 

I told my husband that I hope this destroys BP.  I want blood.  So many species in fish, shellfish, birds endangered.  so many honest jobs ruined.  So much tourism destroyed. 

Yes, I want blood.  There should be no caps on what they can be sued for....hundreds of billions lost and irreparable damage.  Screw the economy, BP is dead to me.

nonmember avatar Aaron

WOW Thanks BP now the American government has a reason to keep drilling because you destroyed our Gulf of Mexico we might as well put up a lot more oil rigs to make money because it sure won't be done by fishing or the beautiful beaches anymore.......Thank you for nothing I can only hope something like this happens over on YOUR COAST......Once again thanks for absolutly NOTHING.

nonmember avatar chrisgoat

I only have on thing to say about this the top kill will not work , BP does not want it to work.
If BP stops this well from leaking then this is a dead well and no money is made.
They are stalling until the two relief wells are finished to offset the cost of the damages.
If BP stalls until these relief wells are done then they will make enough money on them to pay any damages that are awarded.
If they stop this well from leaking before the relief wells are finished then it is a dead well and all damages will come directly out of there pocket.
Think about it.
It is not to hard to figure it out.

nonmember avatar Hound Dawg

Being here in South Mississippi I say BP is just spinning their wheels doing NOTHING . This is NOT another Katrina . This is dooming the South . Katrina was BAD . This is worse . This oil problem will affect other States .  Where are the Super Tankers with their skimmers ?

nonmember avatar james brown

This accident, had it happended on the east coast would have been capped the first week, but the south...... whipping child for being blue. Some pres. he makes me sick, bla, bla, bla. yes he can help even as we read... send more ships/boats asap to help skim, stop the spraying of chemicals. Some leader, what a jerk, he and BP

nonmember avatar Stan

I'm surprised at the hatered toward oil companies. What gets me,  this oil is coming FROM the earth. There've been oil seeps for ever, and oil is used for 1000's of things in our daily lives. I really hope they plug this thing but on the same token we shouldnt be so harsh while we're filling up our Subarus with gas. And why are the oil companies offshore, its because the greenies have pushed them off shore, I would think drilling on land would be safer and easier to clean in the event of a spill.  Open ANWR

PS: if you own a car you are supporting the oil companies.

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