Kevin Costner Is Helping to Clean Up BP Oil Spill


Waterworld star Kevin Costner is helping BP clean up the oil slick that's spreading across the Gulf of Mexico.

For the past 15 years, Costner has been funding a team of scientists in hopes of developing a technology to clean up massive oil spills -- he first got interested around the time of the Exxon-Valdez disaster.

Who knew?

Costner and his brother Dan have invested millions of dollars in Ocean Therapy Solutions, a company that's invented a $24 million centrifuge machine called Ocean Therapy, which can purportedly separate oil from water and clean up over 200,000 gallons of seawater a day.

BP spokesman Mark Proegler says that the company has agreed to test the machine.

Let's hope it works. Government scientists estimate that a minimum of 210,000 gallons of oil per day is gushing into the sea from the remains of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform that exploded April 20. BP has tried several ways to stop the leak, including containment domes, but none has worked so far.



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paint... paintermomma

farmers have already come up with a solution to help with the oil spill but oil corporations would rather sink billions of dollars into machinery that won't work. a youtube video has a presentation by c.w. roberts. he shows how throwing hay into the oil spill separates the oil from the water. the oil sticks to the hay and the hay can easily be removed.

Lokis... LokisMama

It is interesting, though like paintermomma said, there are a lot of other low-tech ways to remove the oil that big business isn't even intersted in trying, despite the fact that they are also getting attention from the media.  If it works, great.  If it doesn't, it's lots of money sunk that we could use for other means to clean up the spill.

Personally, as someone who's fairly close to this (I live right on the gulf in Florida), I don't care how they get it cleaned up, I just want them to get it clean.  If Kevin's machine works, more power too him.  If they want to soak up the oil with hay or hair clippings, than that works too.  I just want it cleaned up.

nonmember avatar tess

Testing of OSE II by Dr. Tsao of British Petroleum
BioChem Strike Team Leader

Regarding the Effectiveness of OSE II Remediating Oil from Deepwater Horizon, Blow Out, Gulf of Mexico
British Petroleum tested Oil Spill Eater II at Louisiana State University. Relevant sections of BP’s BCST (Bio Chem Strike Team) test results are posted.
British Petroleum formed the Bio Chem Strike Team (BCST). Under the direction of Dr. Tsao, BCST

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