Facebook Privacy Concerns: Mark Zuckerberg Thinks You're a "Dumb F*ck"

mark zuckerberg
Flickr photo by jolieodell
Facebook's privacy issues have a lot of people wondering how to delete their accounts, and I just found out that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been having some privacy issues of his own.

It seems that an anonymous someone leaked an IM that allegedly took place between Zuckerberg and a college friend when the two were at Harvard, just after he launched Facebook. The transcript of the IM is posted at Business Insider.

In it, Zuckerberg calls people "dumb f*cks" for trusting him with their personal information.


Obviously the online convo took place years ago, but if it's true, it gives us all a little insight into what the man behind the curtain might still think of his users.

Initially Facebook chose not to comment on Business Insider's story, but then the company had a change of heart and issued a statement on Zuckerberg's IM and Facebook's attitude toward privacy.

It pretty much says what you'd expect: "The privacy and security of our users' information is of paramount importance to us," blah blah blah. Of course we should expect no less -- the company's success is on the line.

Gee, Mark, what's it feel like to have your privacy invaded?

Do you use Facebook? Are you worried about your privacy? Are you thinking about deleting your account?

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