The Tea Party vs. Roger Ebert


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There are a few points of etiquette most of us learn early:

  1. Always send thank-you cards.
  2. Don't talk with your mouth full.
  3. Don't mock those who have battled cancer and won.

Those crazy tea partiers? They forgot lesson number three.

It seems they've worked themselves into a tizzy over Roger Ebert's comments on Twitter in response to the case in California where five kids were sent home early from school for wearing American flag garb on Cinco de Mayo. 

In response to the story, Roger Ebert later tweeted the following:

@ebertchicago Kids who wear American Flag t-shirts on 5 May should have to share a lunchroom table with those who wear a hammer and sickle on 4 July.

Funny? Right? Well, the tea partiers weren't laughing. reported response tweets from the Tea Party Tweeters like: “I mean honestly. How many pieces need to fall off @ebertchicago before he gets the hint to shut the (expletive) up” and “You know, @ebertchicago, I’m not as expert on flag etiquette as you. Tell me, which do I fly when you die of cancer?”

Little disclosure: My mother died of cancer when I was 16. But, honestly, I don't think one needs to have lost someone to the scourge to know that is just wrong to be so cruel. 

Look, I'm no Emily Post and I sometimes probably forget to send thank-you notes (okay, all the time) and I even probably chew with my mouth full on occassion, but I don't mock those who have battled courageously for their lives and come out the other side victorious and inspirational.

But then I don't have to defend Roger Ebert. He does a mean job of that himself:

Dear TeePee Tweeters making fun of my cancer: You want ugly? For that you have to look at a mind, not a face.

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Siste... Sisteract

Can't say I'm surprised. The particular group in question has the "my way or the highway mentality", and they are equal opportunity. Further, it's laughable that some could be so naive, as to be unable to see through these students' charades. These kids were stunt pulling and nothing more. Patriotic students to be applauded and revered, not so much....

lovin... lovinangels

Personally, I don't think either side was very funny. Cinco de Mayo is more celebrated here than in Mexico, as a gigantic drinking holiday, and those kids had every right to wear their American flags that day. Seriously, we are becoming a nation of pansies. It's ok to offend someone. It really is. We don't need to have a press conference every time someone gets their feelings hurt.

And no one should EVER be forced to hide their American Flag. We used to be proud of it. Now, for some reason, we should not wear it on certain days, because something happened that day in some part of the world that isn't here. Um. ok. I'm sure the rest of the earth stops on the fourth of July, and only American flags are worn. Oh, wait, not.

And as far as the jackasses go that made those stupid ass remarks go, there are a-holes in every party. Google insensitive democratic remarks, and try to get past just our VP.

nonmember avatar Barleyman

Funny change of events.  when I was younger,  the right winger used to demand oyu not be allowed to wear an american flag.  Many kids were jailed or sent home from school for desecration. 

I think this act byu the students was specifically meant to provke in the face of a Mexican Holiday and while not right,  the Principal may have saved them from getting beat up at school.


ethan... ethans_momma06

Wait wait.. I love how once again a few idiot remarks now reflect that of the entire party. Think that there weren't idiot republicans who thought (and said) the same thing(s)? Think again. Of course that doesn't make the news because people don't have such an agenda against the majority political parties.

SOME people are insensitve jerks- they really are. And I don't see good 'ol Roger Ebert being Mother Teresa here either. But I certainly don't see that as a reflection of the church he attends, or the school he graduated from, or the politcal party that he has chosen to associate himself with. Note, that THEY are not choosing him, he is choosing them. Just like how the idiots who made the (in extremely poor taste) remarks choose to associate themselves with the tea party, not the other way around.

I love how you branded them as crazy. Way to go on unbiased journalism, hey?

ankle... anklebitr

That whole t-shrit thing drives me nuts.  Even if the students were trying to prove their point of "Der This is America and we speak english here, yada yada yada."  So WHAT!!!!!  Does the principal have to get involved and suspend the kids?  WHY!  Why not do something unusual and IGNORE THEM?  All this political correctness from ALL sides is a bunch of BS!

We have bigger problems in this country.

Siste... Sisteract

If I were the Principal, I would have let the boys know that they would be free to wear those exact same outfits every day until the end of the term. Did people actually see the outfits?  I did. Those kids were mocking the day's celebration. PCnessaside. How does rolling up a flag scarf and wearing as a headband denote Patriotism and respect?

29again 29again

Frankly, seeing that the US helped Mexico win that particular fight which they celebrate on May 5, I think it is quite fitting that the boys wore American flag attire.  In my opinion, there were no students offended by what these boys were wearing UNTIL the principal decided that HE was offended.  Then, it was OK for some other students to jump on the bandwagon as well.  Those boys were quite well-behaved about the whole thing, unlike their counterparts at school.  I am sick and tired of having to tiptoe around so that I don't offend anyone over anything, but yet those same people who I try not to offend are not held to the same standards.  In the situation in the article above, Mr Ebert was clearly trying to offend, and he struck home with a few outside fringe hangers-on.  The attitude expressed by those few people is NOT the prevailing attitude of the Tea Party.  But, sure, go ahead and paint the millions that identify with the tea party with the same broad brush.  Just don't be surprised when some of it drips on YOU, the way paint always drips.

Sweet... SweetCharise

*shudders in disgust* It is one thing for a person to disagree with someone's opinion, but to go as far as mocking their battle with a deadly illness and asking when they'll succumb to it? Just disgusting. Apparently some people were never taught decency and morality by their parents.. and I'll be darn sure to teach my kids the difference between good natured disagreement, and lowlife mean-spirited jabs.

What a terrible, disgusting group this "Tea Party" is. I guess they need to be sent the memo that in THIS country, we are allowed Freedom of Speech.. if you have a problem with an opposing viewpoint, fine, but to wish death upon someone for it... are you sure you're in the right country?

Truly disgusting. If you don't like different opinions, move to a country where you aren't allowed to have them.

Jenny... JennyErikson

Dude. So not cool to lump people into groups and then let a few of the crazies color your view of the whole. That is really, really pathetic.

It would be like saying "truther" Van Jones represents the entire Democratic party. And then saying you're "disgusted" with those "terrible" Democrats. Van Jones is one person, he does not represent an entire group of people any more than a couple of kooks saying mean things to Ebert (who said something completely inappropriate himself) represent the tea party movement.

Think before you speak next time.

nonmember avatar Greelee

All of you are so sensitive over poor Ebert's "feelings" that you're overlooking the real tragedy here. This man is comparing kids that wear their own Country's flag - in their own country by the way - to Communists.  And these are kids no less.  This is a grown man. He's received worse name calling for some of the God aweful movies he put his thumb up to over the years. I think he can handle a few prisses from a "tea party" good grief.

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