25-Year-Old Live-Blogs Her Death

Last month, blogger Eva Markvoort turned on her video camera and told her blog readers: "My life is ending."

The 25-year-old had been chronicling her life with cystic fibrosis for nearly four years on her live journal, 65 Red Roses. She blogged from her hospital room.


Above is a YouTube trailer for 65 Red Roses, a 2009 Canadian documentary that takes a look at her life and her quest for a double-lung transplant, which she eventually gets.

Two years after the film ends, however, Eva's body rejects the lungs.

On March 25, 2010, Eva wrote this poem on her blog:

i'm at that point now i'm done with the poetics asking for help

my sister is helping me write actually helping me write

the medications have been piling up

they are taking their toll

i am supersaturated with medications

i've been medically missing

in action for two days

the docs started taking me off some of them to see how i would manage and i am not managing not managing at all

i'm drowning in the medications

i can't breathe every hour once an hour i can't breathe

something has to change


Two days later, her parents posted this:

Our beautiful girl died this

morning at 9:30. She is at peace ... Eva was 25.

Eva's family live-streamed her memorial service on her blog, as she requested.

Her friends and family are trying to keep her dream of organ donation alive. For more information, go to 65 Red Roses.


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