Laura Bush's Tell-All Book

spoken from the heart
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Laura Bush's new book Spoken From the Heart is scheduled for release next week, and it's generating a lot of buzz.

Of particular interest: Mrs. Bush opens up for the first time about a car accident she was in when she was 17. The crash took the life of Mike Douglas, a fellow student and star athlete. Mrs. Bush was driving the car that killed him.


I first learned of the accident when I read the novel American Wife, which is based on a fictional Laura Bush-like character. I was shocked to find out the real Laura Bush had been involved in such a tragedy. In her book, Mrs. Bush writes, “I can never absolve myself of the guilt," and says that after the accident, she lost her faith for many, many years. So sad.

According to The New York Times, there are some political tidbits in there too -- jabs at Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, speculation on what might have prevented the Iraq war, and some predictable defenses of her husband.

What interests me most though is the potential to learn more about her as a person because she seemed so detached and unapproachable as First Lady. I also want to see how close Curtis Sittenfeld, the author of American Wife, came to getting it right.

Do you plan on reading the book? Did you read American Wife?

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