Jason Levin: Crash the Tea Party Organizer Under Investigation

Photo from Crash the Tea Party
Jason Levin's name might not be ringing any bells, but if you're part of the group planning to "crash" today's tea parties, you have him to thank.

Or blame -- depending on which side of the fence you rally for.

Either way, Levin's politics are making for some discomfort at his job -- when he's not "dismantling and demolishing the Tea Party by any non-violent means necessary," Levin is a middle school teacher.


And now the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission tells TV station KATU it's investigating Levin's ability to teach in light of his political activity.

If allegations made by conservatives that Levin was building his Crash the Tea Party website on school time prove true, it would stand to reason Levin's job would be in jeopardy. Whether it's a website about your dog's snoozing proclivities or your political leanings, it's not appropriate to fritter away your work hours on private endeavors.

His methods are unorthodox to say the least -- even local civil rights leaders have expressed dismay with his announced plans to dress up as Adolf Hitler and pretend to be a member of the Tea Party to make them look bad -- but there have been no claims that he's tried to discuss politics with his students.

Outside of school, the school district admitted to Fox News that Levin's actions are a matter of free speech -- and as long as he stays on the right side of the law, they cannot be taken into consideration by the district.

Do you see Levin's job as having any bearing on his political leanings?

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