Final Four Teams Set; Junk Food is as Addictive as Heroin: Today's Headlines

Suzanne Murray

Flickr photo by MJTR
Got your coffee? Here's the news.

The Pope addresses the abuse scandal at his Palm Sunday Mass in Rome calling his involvement petty gossip. -- BBC

Obama surprises the troops in Afghanistan with a visit, and tells Afghan President Karzai that he has to crack down on corruption. -- MSNBC

The Final Four teams are set: Butler, Michigan State, West Virginia, and Duke. Let the games begin! -- Yahoo!

Junk food is as addictive as heroin and could cause compulsive eating and obesity. --Telegraph

Republicans criticize, Democrats defend Obama's appointment of 15 officials. Now that's a shocker. -- New York Times

The remains of Errol Flynn's son, Sean Flynn, a photojournalist who disappeared during the Cambodian War may have been found. Forensic tests will be done. -- Fox News

List of Apple's approved iPad apps leaks before its scheduled debut. -- PC Magazine

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