Joe Biden's F Bomb, Big Effing Deal?

Flickr photo by cliff1066
I was watching the historic moment yesterday, but somehow missed the declaration by Joe Biden that signing the health care reform bill was a big f*ing deal. After viewing the tape, it's no wonder -- it wasn't broadcast to the general public. If you were there, you picked it up, and apparently blogged about it, making it the f-bomb heard 'round the world.


In less than five hours of the signing of the momentous bill, the biggest buzz was around Biden. T-shirts and coffee mugs are already for sale, for Biden's sake.

I feel like I should be shaking my finger at our Vice-President, but for once a politician was cursing with joy, rather than in a threatening way. I know that's no excuse for profanity when you're a leader of the free world. But haven't we come to expect these gaffes from Biden? Isn't that kind of his "thing?"

Do you think Biden's f-bomb was hilarious? Or should he be ashamed of himself?

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