Health Care Tweets From Celebrities

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Everyone's talking, texting, blogging, and tweeting about health care reform -- and celebrities are no exception.

Here's a sampling.

Health care has been reformed. I'm gonna quit my job. :)  -- Ashton Kutcher

reading ur tweets re Health Care. Glad 2 c we can air opinions & b civilized. watching all the news/politicians-BOTH sides r making me glum -- Jewel

How health-care reform will affect you: (via @Newsweek) -- Alyssa Milano


CommonSense Conservatives & lovers of America: "Don't Retreat, Instead - RELOAD!" Pls see my Facebook page. -- SarahPalinUSA

It's about Progress not Perfection. Let the changes begin! -- Demi Moore

Wow...It appears as if, despite the heartless and inept, something might actually get done in Washington! GOBAMA! GOBAMA! GOBAMA! ;^) -- Jim Carrey

ughhh, I can't even watch this bill being signed #stillarepbublicanincaseyouforgot. -- McCainBlogette

I'm worried health care has pushed my tour out of the headlines. I'm also worried my anti-delusion pills are wearing off. Need more pills. -- ConanOBrien

do you know what's going on right now with Health Care? because I'm not sure I'm very clear? please tell me what you know... confusing? -- Spencer Pratt

Although, to be fair, “Baby Killer” IS Bart Stupak’s rap name. He also answers to Stupac. -- Seth Meyers

Healthcare! Get into it!! NiecyNash

So happy about health care reform I shot myself in the leg. It wasn't any different from the other time I shot myself in the leg. -- Adam McKay

Now that health care has passed, can we please get back to the urgent issue of shooting stuff down with lasers? -- Michael Ian Black

Seen any good celebrity tweets on health care? Please add them in the comments.


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