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    OMG. What is wrong with people?!? A 74-year-old man is getting ready to dig up his deceased wife's grave in his front yard -- after a court battle with the city where he resides in Alabama.

    When Patsy Davis passed away in 2009, it was her dying wish to be buried in the front yard of the home she shared with her husband of 48 years, James Davis. He happily obliged even though he could not obtain a city cemetery permit. And then he was slapped with a court order to remove it, which he desperately tried to fight to no avail.

    Instead of having his beloved wife buried right near the front porch of their home where she always wanted to be, James now plans on having her body exhumed and cremated -- so at least he can keep her ashes in the house with him.

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    Sigh. There's really no need to beat around the bush (no pun intended) -- taking care of a yard flat out sucks. I mean, who was it, exactly, that decided having a huge chunk of grass in the front and back of your house that needs constant attention was a great idea?

    Maintaining the outdoor spaces around our homes is just as much of a pain in the butt as keeping the inside clean, which one mom from Nebraska obviously knew -- and figured out a brilliant solution for.

    Theresa Gallo had a $30,000 synthetic yard put in, and all she has to do to take care of it is water it once a week, and "pick up sticks and blow off leaves."

    No mowing. No fertilizing. No weeds. Nothin'.

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  • A Lesson Learned From Weeding (PHOTO)

    posted by Kate Gosselin May 2, 2013 at 12:36 PM in Big Kid
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    This past weekend, I decided to experiment a little ... and it ended up being quite a family bonding challenge with a reward sort of experience. I honestly had no idea how it would turn out, or if it would even turn out good, but always up for a challenge, I decided to present it to my little kids anyway to gauge their reaction ...

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    When Sam and Maria Farran planted a lawn sign for Obama in their yard during the 2008 election, they had no idea what a huge ordeal it would become. Now more than four years and another election later, the battle over that one measly sign is still being waged, and it's been nothing but ugly, tearing apart their entire Virginia neighborhood.

    According to a fascinating story in the Washington Post, it all started because the sign was a mere four inches bigger than the Home Owners Association (HOA) allowed. When the HOA approached the couple about the sign, they didn't just remove it, instead they chopped it half and made two signs -- "OBA" and "MA". Kind of funny, kind of clever, right? The HOA wasn't laughing, however, and fined the couple $900. Steep!

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    Blehhh, winter can be so ugly some days. It's an incredibly gray day here today and I think the sun itself has seasonal affective disorder and is hibernating. I've almost forgotten what green plants look like. Remember summer gardening? Your yard a riot of reds, yellows, greens of every shade? Those were the good old days. Spring seems so far away.

    Well, if you're feeling the winter blues, I have a perfect cure for you. No, I'm not giving away trips to Fiji. (I wish!) But you can do this right here, right now. Have look at these glorious gardening Pinterest boards and indulge in a little daydreaming. Here are 9 garden boards you should follow now.

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    Winter can be an ugly time for gardens. We all love the sight of a garden covered in a fresh blanket of snow. Dark bare branches, seed pods, and icicles can look hauntingly gorgeous. But when the snow melts away -- or if you never get that snow at all? Bleh. You're looking at a dreary deathscape of brown and gray.

    So how do you beautify your garden in the winter? I refuse to believe that closing the drapes for three months is the only answer! Here are some ideas for helping your garden look its best even through the dark days of winter.

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    Eric Marsh, a 43-year-old software consultant, has constructed a backyard wonderland for himself and his three daughters at his home in Omaha, Nebraska. He purchased an additional lot adjacent to his Fire Ridge Estates property, and used the space to put up a putting green, a sport court, an infinity pool, and a hog-roasting pit.

    The 10-year-old neighborhood is one of big houses (valued between $250,000 and $450,000) on small lots. Normally each lot has to have a house, but the association has made similar ‘backyard expansion’ arrangements with a handful of other homeowners. Marsh spent over $300,000 installing his playland, and now his homeowners’ association is demanding that he take it down, because it doesn’t fit into the design of the neighborhood.

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    Love thy neighbor? NAH.

    A woman named Sarah Henderson was pissed off at her neighbors and used her Christmas lights to show it. The Louisiana mama of four children deliberately set up her decorations in the shape of a hand giving the middle finger to "communicate" with her neighbors, with whom she's been having an "ongoing dispute."

    Not very holiday-spirit-like, right? And now the police are involved. The 5-0 ordered that Henderson take down the offensive lights, and Henderson came back with a whopper sure to make any non-Aryan's head spin ...

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    What you're going to see in this video is unbe-leaf-able. I kid you not. It will make you look at all of those bothersome leaves littering your yard in a whole new, fantastic way.

    In it a group of guys gather leaves -- LOTS of leaves. Their measurements don't sound too scientific, but they say it's about 66,000 leaves, culminating in 20,000 pounds of leaves. They deem it the World's Biggest Pile of Leaves, and I don't doubt it. They even rented a moving truck to transport them all to a house somewhere in Logan, Utah.

    It's what they do afterwards that's truly incredible, however. Watch after the jump and be amazed.

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    Be careful what you post on Craigslist. And be sure you're very, very explicit about exactly what it is you're offering, or you could wind up like one poor Georgia family.

    Facing foreclosure on their home of 20 years, Pam Hobbs and her son lost even more when a yard sale posting on Craigslist gave people the impression that it wasn't just the furniture in the driveway they were giving away for free. Folks were welcome to come into their home and take anything -- and everything -- they could get their hands on. Total. Chaos. 

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