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    Oh, white water stain on my beautiful wooden kitchen table. You are EVIL! Why must you taunt me so, catching my eye every time I walk through the room?

    Last week I hosted a brunch (because I'm like a spunkier, more-champagne-drunk version of Ina Garten) and did something incredibly stupid. I placed my delicious cheesy bacon casserole on the kitchen table, sitting it on a towel and NOT on a trivet. *Slaps forehead*

    I didn't discover the mark for hours -- because brunch was long and the champagne delicious. When I did, I panicked. This was different than your average white ring left from a cup or mug plopped down sans coaster. This was a rectangle roughly the size and shape, well, of a kitchen towel. I frantically scrubbed and scrubbed with soap and water. If this has happened to you -- DON'T DO THAT.

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    Recently we painted our living room, and during our planning, we had amassed dozens and dozens of paint chip strips. After we had FINALLY decided on a color, these cheery and bright paint chips just sat there on my desk, collecting dust. But then it hit me: This was an upcycling opportunity if I ever saw one! And you know what? I was surprised by how many awesome paint chip crafts there are out there, including oodles that are easy to do with the kids.

    Check out these 8 super cool paint chip crafts. Which one would you want to try?


    Image via HomeSpot HQ

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    Got small closet woes? Well, don't despair. There are lots of cool tricks for making your closet bigger. Alright, alright, these tips won't magically make your closet physically bigger for reals. However, they WILL allow you to fit in a lot more clothes and accessories and shoes and stuff, and that's what counts, right?

    Over on The Prowl, we rounded up all kinds of smart tools and solutions for maximizing closet space. Check out this sneak peek of cool, space-saving ideas and finally get more out of that closet of yours, little as she may be.

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    Whenever I see a room with a bounty of thrift store and vintage finds, I cheer that someone lucked out at a tag sale or on Craig's List! And then they go and put it all together beautifully! Take this little girl's bedroom done by Abbey for her daughter (nicknamed Kicky), for example. It looks like it was supposed to be that way all along. You'll want to see more of this homey space, so be sure to scroll through below!

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    Whoa. How much would you say your average weekly grocery bill is? Mine is at least $100 to $200, which is why I'm absolutely blown away by a mom who supports her family of five on $150 per month -- all because she's so skilled at using coupons.

    Michelle Reis is so savvy at extreme couponing that she spends two hours a day on clipping them in addition to her full-time job. Yep. Instead of zoning out, taking a snooze, or reading a book on her train commute to and from work, she clips and clips and clips in an effort to make sure she can spend as much time with her three kids as possible.

    And she's so good at couponing, Michelle even recalls a time where she went to Walmart -- and the store owed her $215 at the end of her transaction. And over the past few years, she's saved over $45,000.

    (Wow. Really? That's pretty cool.)

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    With all of the shopping you've just done, probably the last thing you want to do the day after Christmas is MORE shopping -- however, you could be leaving some amazing deals on the table. In fact, if you were smart, you'd celebrate Christmas on Dec. 27. Hey, not a bad idea. Too bad I just thought of it. Not only do stores need to clear out their holiday inventory, they also need to clear out their year-end inventory, so it's usually a double-whammy of sales. Here are 8 of the best bets for places you should be able to find deep post-Xmas sale-poloozas.

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    Already lacing your sneakers in anticipation of Black Friday? Well throw those sneakers back in the closet and plan on sleeping in Friday. That is no longer the Day of Deals. Shopping experts (how do I become one?) are saying Black Friday is just a sick marketing ploy that plants panic in your heart in order to move your turkey butt into stores during a valuable vacation day. Your shopping time and money are better spent on Wednesdays in general, and especially one Wednesday in particular.

    Matthew Ong of says that just a few of the throngs shopping on Black Friday will walk away with truly exceptional bargains. The vast majority of shoppers make do with lesser or even fake deals. Products are often sold at the same prices they were sold for during last year's Black Friday -- or at the same discounts offered on Veterans' Day just a few weeks ago.

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    This nursery is heavy on antiques and thrifted finds, and moderated with a few carefully selected new items as well. Not a lot about this room screams "baby", and I can sure appreciate the eclectic departure from more traditional styles and trends. Click through to see all the details below!

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    Guess who likes a good bargain and isn't afraid to ask for it? Kate Middleton! Just because she's the daughter of a millionaire, a duchess married to a prince, and now the mother of a possible monarch doesn't mean she's above a little haggling. A shopkeeper at an antiques shop says Kate Middleton requested a discount on her purchase. And she got it, too, the shopkeeper says. "Of course, she’s got a big house to do up. But I love her for asking."

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    How far will you go to save money at home? Probably not as far as this couple is going. Karissa and Rick Parran share a level of intimacy that goes beyond even that of Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian, and it's a whole lot less sexy, too. As you'll see in the clip from TLC's Extreme Cheapskates show, they share everything, including dental floss. I don't mean that they share the same box of dental floss -- I mean Karissa uses a string of floss and then hands it over to Rick to re-use.

    You may now commence writhing in disgust. Eww! Wait, there's more ... 

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