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    We all love living vicariously through the lives of the rich and famous, don't we? The huge houses, the bling, the far-flung vacations, the champagne flowing from pure gold kitchen faucets.

    But that's not the reality for most wealthy families. For every loaded celebrity who spends money extravagantly until it's all gone, there are dozens of rich people quietly building their personal fortunes.

    You'd never know how much money they have because they live so simply.

    True, most wealthy people are born into affluence and are taught how to keep their assets growing. But what about the ordinary folks who build their prosperity themselves? What are their secrets? Lucky for you, we got to the bottom of it and boiled it down to 8 money secrets of wealthy families we should all steal -- starting now!

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    It's the last day to do your taxes. Odds are some of you took care of this dreaded annual task the minute you had your paperwork lined up. But for some of us (yes, that's right, me too), today will be a long day (and night) of sorting through receipts, glaring with despair at our calculators, and shaking our fists at the heavens.

    It's true. Doing taxes? That's no fun. Doing them at the last possible moment before midnight? That's even less fun. We can't turn back the hands of time for you, but we can help. We've compiled a list of 5 stress-reducing tips for the last-minute tax filers among us. So take a breath, eat a cookie, and keep reading.

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    I always thought this Real Housewives of Miami star's assets were fully loaded and secure. But apparently not! Joanna Krupa is facing foreclosure on her home because she owes nearly $725,000 in mortgage backpayments. Oof! And it gets worse, because this house was sold in 2004 for $670,000 -- so she may be one of those unfortunate people who owes more for her house than it's actually worth. Celebs: They're just like us! They also face foreclosure, womp womp

    But hey, I'm not here to engage in gross schadenfreude -- really, I swear it. I'm genuinely sorry for Krupa. This must suck for her, especially since it's all over the tabloids. I'm wondering what her options are, since it also looks like she's out of a job, too.

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    Quick, check your credit card statement. Do you see a charge for $9.84? The warning sounds like a scam itself, but check anyway. The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a credit and debit card scam that's been sucking $9.84 -- exactly that amount -- from thousands of accounts all over the nation. The idea is that it's such a small sum, people are less likely to notice it. But 10 bucks times thousands is adding up to quite a bundle for someone.

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    Whoa. How much would you say your average weekly grocery bill is? Mine is at least $100 to $200, which is why I'm absolutely blown away by a mom who supports her family of five on $150 per month -- all because she's so skilled at using coupons.

    Michelle Reis is so savvy at extreme couponing that she spends two hours a day on clipping them in addition to her full-time job. Yep. Instead of zoning out, taking a snooze, or reading a book on her train commute to and from work, she clips and clips and clips in an effort to make sure she can spend as much time with her three kids as possible.

    And she's so good at couponing, Michelle even recalls a time where she went to Walmart -- and the store owed her $215 at the end of her transaction. And over the past few years, she's saved over $45,000.

    (Wow. Really? That's pretty cool.)

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    Already lacing your sneakers in anticipation of Black Friday? Well throw those sneakers back in the closet and plan on sleeping in Friday. That is no longer the Day of Deals. Shopping experts (how do I become one?) are saying Black Friday is just a sick marketing ploy that plants panic in your heart in order to move your turkey butt into stores during a valuable vacation day. Your shopping time and money are better spent on Wednesdays in general, and especially one Wednesday in particular.

    Matthew Ong of NerdWallet.com says that just a few of the throngs shopping on Black Friday will walk away with truly exceptional bargains. The vast majority of shoppers make do with lesser or even fake deals. Products are often sold at the same prices they were sold for during last year's Black Friday -- or at the same discounts offered on Veterans' Day just a few weeks ago.

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    Do you know about the biggest house in America? It's the home of former billionaire time share king David Siegel and his spendthrift wife, Jackie, and it's been under construction for years. It was also one of the stars of the documentary The Queen of Versailles, which tracked the family's fall from crazy-ass bananas wealthy to ZOMG-in-debt during the housing crisis. By the end of the film, the Siegals had lost everything. But they've since had a change of fortune. Jackie Siegel has her mega-mansion back again, and it's every bit as insane as it was before (construction due to be complete in 2015). Which means: Please join me in gawking at this video tour of the Versailles of Florida.

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    Planning your end-of-summer getaway? A road trip is likely in order.

    In fact, AAA reports 34.1 million Americans are expected to take Labor Day trips at least 50 miles away from home during the upcoming holiday. That’s up 4.2 percent over last year.

    But before you gas up, you should know that not all fueling stations are created equal -- especially when it comes to pricing. Find out who has the cheapest gas by plugging in your zip code at GasPriceWatch.com. And, as you make your itineraries, be sure to check out AAA’s handy Fuel Cost Calculator to estimate how much you’ll need to budget for gas.

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    You may have gotten a grasp on keeping your clothing spending in check, or figured out how to control that coffee bill, but are you making efforts at home to save money too? Here are 3 ways to keep from going broke in your own house.

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    When it comes to my family, I'm an open book. We've gotten to the point now where we've stopped judging each other's lifestyles ... well, for the most part. By now we've all done some pretty wild stuff, and nothing surprises my mother anymore. When it comes to money and budgeting, though, forget it. I'm not spilling anything. But why? What is it about money that feels so private to me?

    Okay, I'm willing to tell my family how much my home is worth. The number is so crazy out of proportion to the actual size of my apartment, they'd never believe me anyway. (Life in NYC ...) I'll tell them how much cash I usually carry around with me -- loose change. But the rest? Here's what I'm not sharing.

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