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    Little Sophie is a baby English bulldog making headlines, because not only is she abso-freakin'-lutely adorable, but she's one of the most hilariously playful pups you may ever see ... But her funny dog trick didn't start out giggle-worthy.

    Apparently, Sophie's owner worried that her pup may have injured herself when she initially tucked and tumbled to the bottom of a hill. "I picked her up, terrified that she had 'fallen' down this hill," her owner writes in the video caption on YouTube. But the owner soon learned that her little girl wanted to do it "again and again, 4 more times with such gusto we realized she was just having a ball!" 

    Check it out ...

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    It's a beautiful day in your neighborhood. The sun is up, the coffee is brewing, everyone is getting ready to go to work or school. But before you go outside and embrace the new dawn, you must do one thing: Make sure that the 100 some odd chickens terrorizing your neighborhood are not in the immediate vicinity. No, my friends. This is not the plot of some Blob-esque B-movie. For residents of one small tiny Ohio town, this is real life.

    While the birds aren't exactly making threatening gestures with lead pipes or flicking cigarettes into flower-gardens (oh but how I wish they would), they are considered a menace by those living on the street where they've taken up residence all the same. On the one hand, it's hard not to feel sympathetic for the people.

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    Snort. I think pretty much everyone who goes through a nasty breakup or divorce dreams of getting back at their ex in some way, shape, or form -- but one dude in Michigan definitely took things to the extreme.

    Alan Markovitz is a strip club owner from Detroit who was none too pleased when his now ex-wife started having an affair while they were still married. In an effort to get a little sweet revenge, he bought the house next door to her -- and put up a 12-foot-tall bronze statue of a middle finger, at the cost of $7,000.

    No joke.

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    Aren't these colorful autumn leaves spectacular? Every year I spend these weeks utterly enchanted by the crimson, ocher, pumpkin, and amber shades all around me. And I always wish I could hold on to those colors just a little bit longer -- or at least find a way to get them indoors. But do you really need a pile of crumbling leaves sitting on your living room coffee table? Do something fun with those leaves. Here are seven charming autumn leaf crafting ideas that will bring the best of fall colors inside.

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    A 5-year-old boy named Weston has had a pretty rough time over the past few months, considering he's been in and out of the hospital while undergoing treatment for lymphoma.

    And in order to help ease the pain a little and allow him to think about something other than the cancer, his dad built him a swing set and put a small trampoline in their yard -- you know, for Weston to play on like a normal kid.

    Seems innocent enough, right? Well, apparently the swing set violates the homeowners' association rules for the condominium complex where the family lives. And now the HOA wants to remove the swing set -- which will break this poor little boy's heart and give him one less thing to help lift his spirits.

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    Sigh. There's really no need to beat around the bush (no pun intended) -- taking care of a yard flat out sucks. I mean, who was it, exactly, that decided having a huge chunk of grass in the front and back of your house that needs constant attention was a great idea?

    Maintaining the outdoor spaces around our homes is just as much of a pain in the butt as keeping the inside clean, which one mom from Nebraska obviously knew -- and figured out a brilliant solution for.

    Theresa Gallo had a $30,000 synthetic yard put in, and all she has to do to take care of it is water it once a week, and "pick up sticks and blow off leaves."

    No mowing. No fertilizing. No weeds. Nothin'.

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    Having gorgeous flowers growing in your garden makes the outdoors even more beautiful, but being able to cut those flowers and bring them inside ... even better. If you want some of your own fresh flowers for your vase or to decorate the house for a party, check out these 6 beauties that are perfect for cutting. You can plant them right now for a summer of fresh blooms.


    Image via Liz West/Flickr

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    Ahhhhh, summer. 'Tis the season for getting outside to enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer, and of course, it's the ideal time to get your hands dirty and have a little gardening fun.

    But if you don't have a large yard or green space outside your house, having an array of live plants and flowers can be kind of a challenge, to say the least. Believe it or not, there are actually some great plants that will grow just fine on your patio, so you can enjoy somewhat of a lush outdoor space even if it happens to be pretty compact.

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    I'll admit, I am not the best sport when it comes to camping. Maybe it's because every damn time I've ever gone camping on the East Coast it's rained. EVERY TIME. When I was a little girl in Colorado, camping was an adventure. Not I feel like it's all about getting up close and personal with cold mud, my freezing hands turning numb while I lash the tent, grit in all my meals. Remind me why we go camping again, someone?

    Now I've got a little boy who wants to go camping. "What is this CAMPING, mother? May we embark on this camping of which I have heard so much?" Okay, he doesn't really talk like that. But if we are ever to try camping again it had better be a hell of a lot more comfortable than I remember. And so, I'm checking out gear that's all about comfort.


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    Now that the ground temperature has reached 65 degrees along most of the East Coast, the 17-year Brood II cicadas have started crawling out of the Earth and into our trees. And onto our cars. And into our pets and our children and our garages and our homes. The billions of bugs are everywhere, and if you're concerned about protecting your property and loved ones from this year's magicicadas, here are a few solid tips.

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