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    It's officially back-to-school time, and now that the kids are out of the house, it's also officially time to start organizing their toys. Organizing kids' toys might just be the most counterproductive task there is, but what if we told you there was one simple rule to follow that will help you organize those toys ... and keep them at bay?

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    Can you believe it's almost time for the kids to go back to school? Summer has really flown by, so it's time to say goodbye to our lazy, no-routine-necessary days and get back into an organized groove.

    Of course, old habits die hard when it comes to kicking the nonchalant summer attitude to the curb. We can use all the help we can get when it comes to running a tight ship during the school year. Check out these 11 smart, simple tips for managing the clutter and staying organized right from the very first day the kiddos set foot on the school bus. 

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    If I had to pick my very favorite retail shop in the world to browse through, I think it would be The Container Store. You know, the store that sells ... containers? I love looking through all the clever storage options and fantasizing my house neatly organized and color-coordinated from top to bottom.

    The problem is, when you're a parent, it really doesn't matter how many baskets and shelves and boxes and gadgets you have, because children can transform any organization solution to a Hoarders-level disaster zone in three seconds flat. Behold, 8 of the various storage options I've created for my kids -- and what these areas of my house actually look like 99.99999 percent of the time.

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    Got small closet woes? Well, don't despair. There are lots of cool tricks for making your closet bigger. Alright, alright, these tips won't magically make your closet physically bigger for reals. However, they WILL allow you to fit in a lot more clothes and accessories and shoes and stuff, and that's what counts, right?

    Over on The Prowl, we rounded up all kinds of smart tools and solutions for maximizing closet space. Check out this sneak peek of cool, space-saving ideas and finally get more out of that closet of yours, little as she may be.

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    The Work At Home Mom (WAHM), is like devil spawn of a Stay-at-Home (SAHM) and a working mom. Though many people think it's ideal (I do), it comes with a shocking amount of guilt, a penchant for procrastination and a sprinkle of self loathing. I know, I'm making it sound awesome, right?

    We have no actual schedule and no other people in "the office" for motivation, and we have constant feeling that we need to be accomplishing many things at once to be productive - like mulitasking on crack, which is why WAHMs have a lot in common. 

    If you're thinking of us in short shorts and high sweat socks, then you're thinking of WHAM and that's a different article, though I do write a lot about being obsessed with the 80s.

    That said, I thought I would make a list of traits, thoughts and occurrences most WAHMs have thought said or done:

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    When it comes to the contents of your drawers, closets, storage spaces, and everything in between -- do you tend to be a bit of a pack rat sometimes? Yeah ... me too.

    We're all guilty of hanging onto things we "just can't bear to part with" for whatever reason -- even though some of them are so ridiculous, it's impossible to understand why we bother keeping them.

    And even though we're not quite done with winter yet, it's never too early to hop on the spring cleaning bandwagon.

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    Nurseries might catch the lion's share of my attention, but I can't pass up a cool kids' room when I see it, either. This one caught my eye, and I knew I had to share. Yes we've got black and white, but with a little splash of neon pink for dramatic effect.

    Click to see more of this hip space for Addison below!

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    When Mark and I moved into our home, I was obsessed with making it fabulous. I painted it myself in hip hues. I placed unread books on bookshelves and organized them by color simply for the aesthetic. I set up little vignettes on counters in groups of three to make my home seem chic, yet warm, you know, a cross between make yourself comfortable and maybe you shouldn't touch that?

    Yes, one day our home would be the perfect blend of comfy/zen/chic and people would gush upon entering and then complement it with gusto and envy. (At the very least it would be clean and organized.)

    HA ha ha ha ha ha haaaa.   

    I'm sorry, did I do that out loud? I was just remembering what I envisioned, you know before my kids and pets ... and husband ruined, stained, chipped, wrote on, or buried (under toys) everything I owned. Oh, and I had the time or energy to care.

    We all had idealistic visions (do these sound familiar):   

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    I have a beauty junkie confession to make: the bathroom drawers where I keep (most of) (ok, some of) my makeup and product stash are in states of complete disgrace. I mean, I should probably submit myself to one of those reality shows, like Hoarders. They're absolute chaos. Are your drawers like this or am I alone?

    Wait, actually, don't tell me ...

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    We’re counting down the days to Christmas, and soon enough, we’ll be ringing in the new year with a brand new 2014 calendar. Can you even believe it? Looks like we all have some serious calendar shopping to do! 

    Over at The Prowl, we rounded up festive Advent calendars to gear up the family for Christmas! There are so many cool, unique options, which offer an extra-special way for kids and their families to count down the days until Christmas -- usually with a small token surprise for each of the 24 days. But don't stop shopping there! We've also rounded up some of the best 2014 calendars to get you ready for the new year. Sure, we use calendars on our smartphones, but a decorative calendar will always have a place in our homes and offices. 

    Check out the preview of decorative calendars below. Then head over to The Prowl to see the rest!

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