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    Buying the home of her dreams turned into a hellish nightmare for one woman. When the woman and her husband successfully bid on a beautiful home in San Diego, California, she had no idea that her life was about to turn into Fatal Attraction meets Single White Female meets House Hunters. Prosecutors charge that Kathy Rowe became so enraged that the unnamed woman and her husband outbid her for her dream house that she decided to make their lives unbearable. And wait until you hear everything she allegedly did!

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    A woman in Anchorage, Alaska got the shock of her life when she discovered that her ex-husband, who had been declared missing a year prior, was actually underneath the staircase inside their home -- dead. The man, 37-year-old Samuel Ephram McAlpine, had been declared missing after he disappeared following a date. At the time of the disappearance, McAlpine and his wife were in the midst of a divorce and not living together.

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    An adorable baby gorilla born via C-section at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park spent the first 12 days of her life being cared for by what seems like an amazing, nurturing staff. She has been bottle-fed, cuddled, and snuggled back to good health. But it was evident from the second she was placed back into the cage where her mother -- an 18-year-old named Imani -- was waiting for her that she and mom were meant to be together! Mom immediately approached her daughter, sniffed her a few times, and then picked her up after a few seconds to begin the bonding process. Awww! And, even better: the entire introduction was caught on video.

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    Those of us who are "dog people" know these incredible animals are priceless. Whether you adopt an adult mutt for less than the cost of a leash at an animal shelter or spend a good deal of money on a purebred pup, it's difficult to say one dog offers x amount more in your life than another dog.

    Until now.

    A property developer in China just shelled out the most money ever spent on a dog. The cost has to make you shake your head and wonder -- why?! True, he's a cutie, and certainly looks unique, but at a "luxury pet" fair, one Tibetan mastiff puppy was sold for a cool $2 million. Honestly, is there anything in the world that cute?

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    Gisele Bundchen boasts the kind of beachy waves any woman would die for, but it turns out she isn't much of a California girl after all.

    She and husband Tom Brady are selling their insanely gorgeous L.A. estate -- less than a year after it was completed -- in order to spend all of their time in another absurdly huge abode in Boston, where Tom is stationed as the New England Patriots' quarterback. Don't worry too much about them, though -- they'll have plenty of money to put a down payment on a second property if they choose considering how their Cali mansion is listed for a whopping $50 million!

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    Imagine being a prisoner in your own home -- because your sweet kitty threatens to tear you to pieces if you so much as move an inch from your bedroom! Teresa Barker and partner Lee Palmer, along with their 7-month-old baby and family dog, were forced to take refuge in their bedroom and call the police to come to their rescue after their 22-pound cat went absolutely berserk on them. The Himalayan cat, whose name is Lux, scratched the baby on his forehead, which drove dad to give the feline a swift kick in the rear. Bad move. The cat then became so enraged, he began hissing and trying to attack other family members, driving them to take cover from their pet behind a closed door.

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    One of the things we so often take for granted is having a clean toilet to go to the bathroom in. Until, of course, we are out and about and the urge strikes ... an undeniable urge to pee (or worse) that cannot be ignored. And has to happen now. It's awful when that happens.

    So there you are left wondering which disgusting public restroom you can do your business in ... or what restaurant you can pretend to be dining in just so you can use their loo. Fear not, people who have to pee really bad, there's an app for that! One called Airpnp! And it's perfect for three very specific kinds of people.

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    One of my weird secret fantasies involves getting trapped inside of a huge mall overnight. After getting over the initial shock and fear, I figure it would be an absolute hoot. Can you imagine? I'd run from shop to shop trying on all of the clothing I could never afford. I'd play with makeup samples, eat all of the fro-yo I want at the food court, watch television in the entertainment section, and find the cushiest, most lush pillows and bed upon which to retreat and fall into a peaceful slumber.

    One woman recently got to live out my fantasy. While trapped inside of Hudson's Bay Company, a department store in Toronto, Emily M. Keeler didn't go hog wild in Sephora, but she did live Tweet the entire experience. And the results are stupendous.

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    If you've ever wanted proof that there are humans among us who have no souls, here you go. A homeowners' association ordered a family to remove the welcome home sign for a father returning from military service. No sign for a dad who had been away from his family for -- get this -- four freakin' years. And the worst part is, it's not even clear that the family's sign was actually against the homeowners' association rules.

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    How much do you love the Westminster Dog Show? All those perfect pooches, so elegantly coiffed and able to trot and impress on command -- it makes me want to run out and adopt 10 dogs right this minute. The two-day event wrapped up this week and the covetable title of Best in Show was bestowed upon a spunky Wire Fox Terrier named "Afterall Painting the Sky," or just simply "Sky." Alas, the competition was not without controversy. It seems Sky is of a breed that has won many a crown, while a crowd favorite named Nathan -- a Bloodhound -- is, how should I put this, less Lady Mary Crawley and more Charlie Carson. In other words, he didn't make the discerning judge's cut. 

    But, as far as we're concerned, all the dogs were winners -- so we'd like to take a minute and give a shout-out to the 28 pups who rose to the top as the leaders in their group. 

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