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    Preparing to put your house on the market can be an incredibly nerve-wracking experience. You may look around each and every room and wonder where to begin. Believe me, you're not alone! 

    When Leslie D. of Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, was readying to put her "cramped Cape" up for sale, she sought the help of a professional home stager to assist her in pulling it all together.

    "Instead of having me rent expensive furnishing and art, she worked with what I had," explained Leslie, who asked not to be identified by last name. "When her swirl of energy settled, she had winnowed it to a perfect home -- just enough furniture and wall art to make an average Cape feel amazingly spacious and comfortable."

    While some may not want to spend money hiring a pro, others argue that proper staging will not only sell your home quickly but also perhaps spark a bidding war.

    "The Cape sold in one day," Leslie said, "with two over-list-price offers."  

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    When my husband and I bought our first home, my boss at the time said, "Well, I hope you've got another $10,000 socked away because the minute you sign on the dotted line, everything breaks."

    What a killjoy, I thought. Until ... his prediction came true. Within days of closing, our basement flooded. Weeks after that, our furnace stopped working. A month later our pipes burst. I could go on and on! 

    Because we were first time home-buyers smitten with the charming front porch and fenced-in yard, we overlooked a lot of things we shouldn't have. 

    We're not alone. Often, what starts out as a quintessential part of the American dream turns into a costly nightmare. More than just a place to raise your children, your home is a long-term financial investment, probably one of the largest you'll ever make, so it's imperative that you really stop and think before you dive right in.

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    Anyone who's moved into a new house with one or more kids knows what a massive undertaking it is. 

    So, imagine, after getting completely settled in your home, you discover that tragedy surrounded the family that lived there before you?

    That's what happened to a mom and her two children who rented a house in Utah without knowing that it once belonged to Susan Powell, a woman who disappeared mysteriously nearly five years ago. The mom of two was never seen again and her husband, who left the home in 2012, committed suicide after killing their sons in a house fire in Washington. 

    It's no surprise that the new renter, Joanna Aeosana, told The Daily Mail that she believes the house is haunted and she wants out.

    Can you blame her? She didn't even know the circumstances until her neighbors told her. How's that for a "Welcome to the neighborhood!?"

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    If you've ever tried to fit a huge piece of furniture into a car, you will have some sympathy for these people. They were videotaped from across the street (thanks, nosy neighbor!) trying to shove a large, bulky sofa into the back of a tiny compact car.

    From the neighbor's vantage point a few floors up, it's quite clear that this sofa is never, ever going to fit into that car, no matter which way the couple turns it. And yet, they keep trying over and over again. (Oh yes, removing the cushions is definitely going to help. Eye roll.) It's exasperating to watch. But you gotta hand it to them, they are persistent!

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    There's no denying that Prince William and Kate Middleton have a lot on their hands. With cute little Prince George being a major bundle of energy, they also need to have time to make all their public appearances and, of course -- spend time with one another. Which is why the latest news that Prince Harry may be moving in next door has GOT to excite them. Hello, perfect babysitter!

    Apparently the apartment next to Will and Kate's place, which belongs to the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, may soon be up for grabs. Princess Michael told Tatler Magazine that the Gloucesters have no need for the huge place anymore since their children have gone.

    Now the real question is: Is Prince William going to let Harry play with that PlayStation Kate got him for Christmas? (I kid, I kid.)

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    You know the whole "for better or for worse" thing that most people pledge during their wedding vows? Well, one man has gone above and beyond to honor the commitment he made to his wife. After Julie Muircroft was diagnosed with dementia, Matt Muircroft re-created their former home in their current apartment in an attempt to make the transition of moving to a new place a little easier for her.

    And when I say he re-created their former home -- I mean he made their new place look like a carbon copy of the old one right down to the very last detail. The furniture and colors are identical, and even their nick-nacks and family photographs were put in the exact same area so as not to confuse Julie any further.

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    Well, it's about damn time! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are moving out of Kris Jenner's pad and into an 8,000-square-foot mansion where they can finally spread out a little with their new baby, North West.

    And while this new rental is still a good 3,000 square feet smaller than the Bel Air home they'll be living in once renovations are complete, it still beats shacking up with Mama Kris. Kim, Kanye, and their baby girl are sure to be very content there, and safe and secure too.

    Before they actually move into the place, they're having the entire security system upgraded. They're even going to far as to put surveillance cameras in North's nursery.

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    As wonderful and exciting as the city is, most of us figure living in the suburbs is probably best once you're settled down with kids, because it's convenient, safe, and there are a bunch of other little families who are exactly like you to have backyard cookouts with on the weekends.

    And while that's true and was one of the main reasons my family chose to move to the middle of nowhere a town about 30 minutes outside of the bustling metropolis of Hartford, Connecticut -- there are quite a few things I really wish I'd known about being so far from the action before we bought our house.

    Like how bad living in the suburbs really sucks.

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    They say timing is everything. That's why it seems kind of strange and a little too convenient that Kristen Stewart's mom bought a house of her own, which means she must be moving out of her famous daughter's pad in favor of living alone.

    Jules Stewart picked up her new Sherman Oaks, California home for a cool $999,000 -- which sounds like a decent bargain considering the place has 2,308 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a pool and spa. Per L.A. area standards, that's practically a palace, and anything under $1 million is a total steal.

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    Bye, bye bachelor life! Kanye West moved out of his NYC apartment, and now he has no place to call home in the Big Apple. Yep, moving vans were outside of the SoHo building yesterday, so it looks like he'll have to resort to staying in a hotel like a regular celebrity when he's visiting the east coast. (Sounds rough.)

    The pad is listed at $4.5 million, although it's not technically on the market yet. A few high-end brokers have seen it, however, and supposedly it's really modern -- and it definitely doesn't sound baby-friendly at all. (You know, it's decorated with statues and such.)

    Hmm. Somehow I'm guessing that's why he chose to go ahead and unload it. 

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