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    Laundry is one of those chores most of us loathe. Let's face it: There's not much to get excited about when it comes to lugging piles of clothing from your bedroom floor to your basement, dealing with stains of unknown origin and then, perhaps worst of all, spending hours re-folding it all, putting it back in the drawers and waiting for it to happen all over again. It's a bummer of a chore made worse depending on how many members of your family there are.

    I know in my family of five, it finally became impossible to keep up with and we were forced to hire some of it out. For those who are unable (or unwilling to do that) there are hacks. SO MANY HACKS, in fact.

    It's actually kind of incredible how many unique ways there are to get certain stains out using only household products. Anyone who does laundry on a regular basis will love these 10 amazing laundry hacks and tricks for getting stains out. Make sure to keep it handy for when you need it!

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    There's nothing a lady despises more than getting a stain on one of her favorite articles of clothing. Whether it's that dream coat you found for a total steal at Target last week or your go-to favorite date night blouse, that nasty stain is nobody's BFFL.

    Ketchup, wine, blood -- no nasty spill is better than the other. But good news: We have the tricks to getting 8 of life's most annoying stains out. And most of the items you need to fight the beast will be right in your cabinets at home.

    Ready, set, tackle that stain:

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    For the last year I was blessed with the earthly delight of having my own washing machine and dryer after oh so many years using a laundromat. Then the unthinkable happened and I had to downgrade to an apartment without my own washer/dryer. There isn't even one in the building. So it's back to schlepping my stuff to the laundromat, which is luckily just a block away. This story about a poopetrator putting some hot doodies in dryers at the laundromat has me scared sh*&less though.

    Oh you haven't heard? Some sicko at Yale is going to the campus laundromat and putting feces in unattended dryers while people's clothes are in them. The perp (or poop) also seems to have urinated on the clothes. Of course this freaks me out about doing laundry and has me thinking about the horrific things we really don't want to know about laundromats ... but should.

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    We can't all be good at everything, right? Well, when it comes to some common household chores, I'm seriously lacking in skills. Okay, maybe a lack of enthusiasm doesn't help, but there are some things that must be done around the house that I consistently blunder.

    They're not all that complex, but somehow when I attempt them, things just go all sorts of wrong. I think most of us have challenges like this, right (please tell me I'm right)? For many it's cooking that presents the pitfalls, but I actually do quite well in the kitchen. Get me near the laundry room or, God forbid, a hammer, however, and all bets are off. Here are six common household chores that I suck at.

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    Are you a little overwhelmed by all the different choices of laundry detergent at the store? You stand in that aisle, looking at all those colorful boxes and bottles, all promising you whiter whites, stain-fighting powers, total defeat of your dirt enemies. But which ones are the best? I guess that's why we have Consumer Reports -- they've just come out with their list of best laundry detergents. I checked out the list to see if any of the detergents I use are the top performers.

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    Ah, ironing. So sexy. With the the bending and the stretching and the sloowwww stroking of the iron over soft fabric...oh, and the steam. Mrrrroooww.

    Okay, maybe ironing in and of itself is the antithesis of sexy. It's boring, I can never get things pressed as nicely as I'd like, and my ironing board lives in our musty basement. I pretty much never do it except in the most desperate of situations; we try really hard to have all our clothes be wrinkle-resistant as much as possible. Most people I know don't do a whole lot of it.

    I would do more, however, if I had an ironing partner that looked like the hot dad in the video below.

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    When it comes to housework, let's face it, there's just nothing sexy about it ... or least not usually. Many of us fantasize about a day in which some magical housework fairy appears to end the day-to-day drudgery, but those fantasies have never looked as good as the reality of half-dressed, hard-bodied men doing the work instead. Oh yes, it's true, and you can see for yourself.

    Make sure you have a fan close by, because these videos of Hot Dads Doing Chores by CafeMom Studios are HOT. Let's start with this delicious dad who wants to do your laundry. Brace yourselves.

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    Finding a creative way to hang art is always a challenge. Nothing highlights your style or livens up a room more than nicely displayed prints or photos, however.

    On the latest episode of Make It Fabulous, Andee shows us how to turn simple pant hangers into fancy mounts for pictures. A viewer asked for suggestions about how to hang vintage prints she'd inherited from her grandmother in her laundry room, and Andee came up with this idea, which plays off the laundry room theme using the hangers, spray paint, and glitter that looks a bit like bubbles. Check out the video below to see how she transforms them!

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    If there's one thing most cats absolutely hate (in fact I tend to be of the opinion that there are quite a large number of things most cats absolutely hate, but never mind), if there's just one thing most cats truly loathe and detest above all other detestable things to be loathed, it would have to be ... getting wet. Oh, the humiliation! The indignity! Hell hath no fury like a kitty cat bathed (or rained upon, or sprayed, or splashed, or whatever). And make no mistake: Cats hold a hell of a grudge, too.

    Anyway, considering how much most cats react to even the idea of a 30-second bath, I can't begin to imagine how upset Natasha, a Siberian Forest Cat living in Oakland, California, must have been after she went through an entire 35-minute cycle in a washing machine. I can't begin to imagine how she survived, either, but she did!

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    Let me guess. Giving the house a deep clean is somewhere near the top of your list of New Year's resolutions. Welcome to the club, now how are you going to handle all the stains you're going to come across?

    Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy! No really, lemon does wonders around the house. And there's a lot more of that kind of easy to fix stain clean-up where that come from. Just get a load of this list:

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