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    There's nothing in the world I despise more than a dirty refrigerator. I mean, come on, people -- this is where you KEEP the things that you put into your body! It's time to be honest with yourself: Your fridge is probably the one thing in your house that sees the most action, outside of the couch (and if you're lucky, your bedroom). That means that it's probably prone to food spills, container drips, and all sorts of grime.

    Well what if I told you that you could clean your fridge like a champ in under 20 minutes? Check out our 7 simple steps to a shining, clean fridge:

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    There's nothing in the world I love more than getting cute things for my kitchen. Call me uber lame, but whether it's a new apple slicer or cute hand towels -- adding something to my special little slice of culinary heaven makes me feel like a younger, sexier Martha Stewart. (No offense, Martha.)

    But sometimes on my hunt for the ultimate kitchen gizmos, I find all sorts of weird stuff. Like, really weird stuff. As in, just looking at some of these wacky kitchen gadgets, you'd have absolutely no clue what purpose they serve or WHO thought them up.

    Here, go ahead, take a look at 8 wacky kitchen gadgets that look like some sort of hilarious joke. You'll never believe what they actually do:

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    I come from a family who loves to eat, but I am just going to say it: none of us can cook.

    I mean, I can sort of cook. But it's not effortless or intuitive in any way. 

    As an adult I've tried to build up a repertoire of a few solid dishes my kids will accept. And while I give myself a B+ for effort, when you grew up on take-out Chinese, every slightly complex meal feels like a MasterChef challenge.

    Still, Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite meal of the year and I believe the pressure that comes with cooking it is worth it.

    Here's the thing: The bird always fights me.

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    Are you a major salt lover like I am? Man, I just can't seem to get enough of the stuff. I add it to everything, from salads to eggs to vegetables and meats. You name it -- I put salt on it.

    But besides being a great seasoning, there are actually some other great uses for salt in your home that just might make your life a bit easier -- not to mention saving you a few bucks.

    Check out these 10 cool things you can do with salt.

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    It's kind of humiliating when your partner has better housekeeping skills than you do. I mean, I am all for equal sharing of household duties and do, in fact, split things with my husband pretty fairly. But I was raised to do housekeeping chores and, as the state of his bachelor-pad apartment would suggest, he's had to learn.

    So when a guy does something housewife-ish a million times better than me, it's a little embarrassing. At least the hot dad in the video below looks amazing while he does it. Check it out below.

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    Sometimes companies make mistakes that are easy to cover up. You know, like Lululemon's see-through pants fiasco when they recalled loads of "too-thin" Spandex. J.C. Penney isn't so lucky. In fact, their latest mistake is a little embarrassing. The company released a designer Michael Graves stainless steel tea kettle that did the impossible: resembles Adolf Hitler. Seriously. To add insult to injury -- they posted a huge billboard of the kettle in California, which offended commuters so much that they had to take down. The funniest part? Once the word got out about it, the product sold out in a matter of hours becoming an Internet hit.

    OK, so I see the resemblance. I understand the controversy. To be honest, I think it's actually pretty comical. This is just an innocuous little tea kettle, people. No need to get your panties all up in a bunch.

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  • Yum!

    This Hot Daddy Cleans Up Nicely (VIDEO)

    posted by Amy Kuras May 27, 2013 at 1:15 PM in Love & Sex
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    You've got to love a good sequel. Sometimes, they're even better than the original. Well, this one was, anyway.

    Remember our Hot Dad making dinner? Well, he's a full-service guy, apparently, because you will not believe what he does next. Watch the video below, because it's truly awesome.

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  • LOL

    5 Cleaning Types -- Which One Are You?

    posted by Mary Fischer April 16, 2013 at 12:13 PM in Home & Garden
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    While staying at a good friend's house a couple of weeks ago, we were getting ready to turn in for the night, so I went to put my empty wine glass empty glass of water in the sink. I noticed there were a few more dishes in there left over from dinner -- and I wasn't sure what to do about them.

    You see, I'm one of those people who has absolutely no problem leaving dirty dishes piled in the sink until the next morning, but I know not everyone is able to go to bed without tidying up. To be polite, I asked her whether she wanted me to load the dishwasher, and to my delight, she laughed and rolled her eyes.

    It turns out she's just like me and thinks there are more important things in life than having a perfectly clean house.

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    One of my huge pet peeves is lending out dishes and storage containers of mine, only to never see them again. No matter how big I write my name on them or how diligent I am about trying to retrieve them, I still end up losing them by the dozen. As frustrating as that is, however, I would much prefer to sacrifice a few rather than encounter what one man did when his sister-in-law returned his casserole dish after Thanksgiving.

    First of all, it took her four months to get it back to him. That might have been excusable, except for the fact that it was dirty. Like, REALLY dirty, with half the sweet potato casserole it contained still in it -- FOUR MONTHS LATER. You can imagine the horrible, moldy mess that might be, right? Well, you don't have to just imagine, because the dude posted this picture of it on Reddit. Oh yes, he did.

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    During a spa trip for my 40th, it became apparent that when seven moms get together for some R&R, they become alarmists. Yep, we spent much of our "relaxation" time discussing what to avoid and how it could kill you.

    I know, you totally want to party with us.

    We couldn't even escape our cynical chit chat by catching a flick on pay-per-view. Who was going to risk their lives and touch the germ-laden hotel remote? Someone also mentioned that one should avoid handling menus. Needless to say, this made ordering dinner quite difficult. Thankfully, it didn't hamper the flow of sarcasm and margaritas (my favorite combo).

    After my vacay I posted, "A Sarcastic Look at 19 Common Things That'll Kill Ya" and was relieved to learn that I'm not the only lame-o who sits around discussing this crap. So, here's a list of more everyday things I've actually been told to avoid, just don't quote me on the effects.

    Reading this list can cause ironic revelations, incontinence, and typhoid:

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