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    Another day, another trip to buy a last-minute gift, am I right? It never fails. Every time I let my guard down and think I've finally got it all tapped, the jolt of panic hits -- "Oh crap! I haven't gotten a gift for so-and-so yet!" Of course, by then it's too late to order online, and I'm pretty sure I haven't enjoyed going to the mall since like 1986. So now what?

    Well, here's what I say. Don't underestimate your local drugstore. Beyond the decent bottles of wine, pricey liquors, and that rack of gift cards to pretty much anywhere (all good gifts in their own right), most drugstores have lots of nice gifts no one will guess came from the drugstore. 

    On The Prowl, we rounded up all kinds of fun presents just to show you the possibilities. Check out this preview of gift-worthy goods you can find right at your local drugstore.

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    One of my weird secret fantasies involves getting trapped inside of a huge mall overnight. After getting over the initial shock and fear, I figure it would be an absolute hoot. Can you imagine? I'd run from shop to shop trying on all of the clothing I could never afford. I'd play with makeup samples, eat all of the fro-yo I want at the food court, watch television in the entertainment section, and find the cushiest, most lush pillows and bed upon which to retreat and fall into a peaceful slumber.

    One woman recently got to live out my fantasy. While trapped inside of Hudson's Bay Company, a department store in Toronto, Emily M. Keeler didn't go hog wild in Sephora, but she did live Tweet the entire experience. And the results are stupendous.

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    Nothing is small scale in Oprah's world. The onetime daytime talk show queen does EVERYTHING big -- even her garage sales. It may not have been as awesome as her once coveted "Oprah's Favorite Things" episodes, but it was still a pretty cool ticket. Those lucky enough to peruse and purchase from Oprah's cast-offs helped raise $600,000, which will go toward college scholarships for graduates of her Leadership Academy for girls in South Africa. Shoppers could also pick up things online. Here are 8 of the coolest items up for grabs. You know what they say, one person's trash is another's treasure -- especially when it was once owned by Oprah!

    More from The Stir: Strange Celebrity Auction Items...Eww!

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    I can't usually get down with commemorative pieces. When I'm up late at night channel surfing and come across a show selling replicas of every trinket Marilyn Monroe ever wore around her neck, arms, or fingers, I can't help but think: okay, if I buy that necklace, I'll need a pink sequinned gown to go with it. 

    But this is different. This is an adorable and understated mug created by a family friend of the Middletons that pays tribute to the birth of little Prince George by featuring an acorn wearing a king's crown and the words "From Small Acorns." I absolutely must, must get my hands on it! I promise I won't even sully it with my disgusting American coffee but will force myself to make tea every day just so I can sip it from this cup with my pinkie up in the air. 

    Sigh. But it's probably not going to happen because out of the 500 mugs Lynda Tillotson made, only 40 remain. Vultures, I tell you. 

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    Nailing "gender neutral" can seem nigh unto impossible for those of us tasked with decorating a shared space for a brother and sister pair. But this room is all the proof you need that it can indeed be done, and quite well too.

    Click through for more!

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    Last year I wrote about how after five years in our home, I still hadn't decorated it. I was simply paralyzed by options, and choices, and just did nothing instead. I'm happy to report that now, six months later, I've finally taken some small steps that have made my house at least start looking like we own it.

    Oh, there's still much more to be done, but I at least got my office started, and found bedding for my daughter's "big girl" bedroom, and found a mirror to hang in our dining room wall. Even more, that mirror is actually hung!

    I found that while I didn't have the budget to hire a decorator who would just do the whole thing for me, there were plenty of other free or less-expensive options out there to help people like me. Here are five to consider if you're also home-decorating challenged ... or just want a fresh perspective.

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    Congratulations to our winner, momof4aqfm!

    It's time for the first giveaway of our birthday week! Today's chance to win comes from IKEA, the Life Improvement Store. We love IKEA because not only is it an awesome playground for kiddos, but it also has everything you could need (and want!) to spruce up your living space.

    We also love IKEA for their huge array of lighting options including their LED lights, which can help improve your family's carbon footprint in a stylish way. Hey, Daylight Saving Time is as good of a time as any, right?

    To enter for a chance to win $100 from IKEA, simply tell me:

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    So far on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Foster has been pretty much a non-player. She hasn't really done much but flaunt her fabulous figure, family, and lemons. Still, it was a scene in her house that has haunted me ever since it aired a few weeks back -- the one in which they showed her refrigerator.

    Even if you couldn't care less about any housewives in any city, it truly is a thing of beauty that can be appreciated by all.

    The front is glass, which gives you an uninterrupted view of everything inside. That might be a negative for some, but it would be a shame to hide the contents of hers, as everything is fresh, ripe, and color-coordinated. It makes you feel peaceful and healthy just looking at it, and it bests even the most beautiful grocery store display.

    Ever since I saw it and its awesomeness, I've been left with a major case of refrigerator envy, and I've been feeling ashamed of mine ever since. 

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    If you've ever wanted to tell your boss to do as the song says and take this job and shove it, then you're going to love this story. Apparently there was an extremely unhappy Bed, Bath & Beyond worker out there somewhere, as Reddit user mastranios says he came across an angry and scathing message hanging from a NuWave Infrared Oven in one of the stores

    While it did say the product was for "fat f*cks," his (or her?) harshest words were for his boss. There printed above the price of $119.99, he had typed in, "MY BOSS IS A PR*CK!" Clearly he wasn't worried about getting fired either, because he topped that off with, "I'M QUITTING TODAY."

    Not exactly what you expect to see when you go looking for housewares, huh?

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    The thing is, it shouldn't be a problem. But it is ... in the scheme of first-world, non-imminent problems mind you, but still it's driving me crazy. "It" is my ridiculous inablity to decorate my house.

    Not decorate well, just decorate as in choose a few paint colors, hang some curtains, and put together a "big girl" room for my nearly 4-year-old daughter who is still sleeping in her nursery (and in her crib -- if truth be told). But in the five years since we bought this house, I've yet to make any significant changes to make it our own, and thus we live in a world of beige. It's a lovely shade of beige, but still, we're not a beige kind of family.

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