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    Mason jar terrariums look like a really fun way to bring a miniature piece of nature inside. After researching many of the pins I saw on Pinterest showing how to put something like this together, I decided to give it a try.

    All the materials you need to complete this project can be found at a craft store or in your own home. I grabbed a mason jar, pebbles, dirt, moss and a couple fun figurines and got to work!

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    It's not something I'm particularly proud of -- but I've never really had much of a green thumb. Sure ... I'd love to brag about all of the gorgeous flowers and organic produce that's filling up the garden in my backyard -- but considering I have neither the time nor the patience for planting, I've settled for plain old grass up until this point.

    But I think there just might be hope. After seeing hearing about this new Flower Shell gardening method -- I just might be the next (insert famous gardener's name here).

    Wanna know what the Flower Shell is? Quite simply, it's a shotgun shell that has flower seeds in it. You shoot them into the ground and BAM! Your garden blooms.

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    OMG. Want to hear something that will really make your blood boil? A 4-year-old girl is losing the vegetable garden she tends to outside her subsidized housing unit because residents of the building are not allowed to have any sort of structure within landscaped areas.

    The child uses the garden to grow fresh, healthy vegetables for her and her mother to eat -- something they cannot afford to buy right now. Did I mention the girl's mother is severely disabled and they're currently living on a fixed income of $628 a month?

    The little garden is right outside their back door. In addition to providing them with food, it also gives the little girl something to keep her occupied and probably makes her feel like she's helping her mom in some way -- so what's the harm in letting her keep it?

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    I'm not much of a plant person. I love how they look and hate artificial ones, so I attempt to keep a couple alive in my home, but beyond that, it's all up to our yard care service.

    While I love the thought of tending to rose bushes and grooming a garden, the fact is I think it would be mind-numbingly boring. I mean plants are pretty, but they're not all that entertaining ... or so I thought. Then I read about one that actually eats sheep and, upon further digging, found there are a host of truly freaky plants growing among us. Plants that I don't necessarily want to grow myself, but they do up their species' excitement credibility. Here are five of the freakiest plants you've ever seen.

    What's the freakiest plant you've ever seen?


    Image via Jason Hollinger/Flickr

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    Having gorgeous flowers growing in your garden makes the outdoors even more beautiful, but being able to cut those flowers and bring them inside ... even better. If you want some of your own fresh flowers for your vase or to decorate the house for a party, check out these 6 beauties that are perfect for cutting. You can plant them right now for a summer of fresh blooms.


    Image via Liz West/Flickr

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    Ahhhhh, summer. 'Tis the season for getting outside to enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer, and of course, it's the ideal time to get your hands dirty and have a little gardening fun.

    But if you don't have a large yard or green space outside your house, having an array of live plants and flowers can be kind of a challenge, to say the least. Believe it or not, there are actually some great plants that will grow just fine on your patio, so you can enjoy somewhat of a lush outdoor space even if it happens to be pretty compact.

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    F$%*ing squirrels!I love springtime gardening. So much hope. So much promise. I start planning and planting, hardly giving any thought as to what could go wrong. It's like I get amnesia every year and forget about all the disasters of the year before. Lalala! It's all going to be so pretty, and we're going to eat perfect heirloom tomatoes all summer. I picture myself clipping off a ripe, purple Cherokee tomato from the vine, and then I get a flashback: All the tomatoes I found last year with horrible squirrel bites in them. Argh!

    The list of possible garden disasters is endless, but just for my sanity, I'm going to revisit the ones that haunted me last summer. Here's what went wrong and the hard lessons I SHOULD be applying this time around.

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  • A Lesson Learned From Weeding (PHOTO)

    posted by Kate Gosselin May 2, 2013 at 12:36 PM in Big Kid
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    This past weekend, I decided to experiment a little ... and it ended up being quite a family bonding challenge with a reward sort of experience. I honestly had no idea how it would turn out, or if it would even turn out good, but always up for a challenge, I decided to present it to my little kids anyway to gauge their reaction ...

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    We're well into April now, and it's time for me to plan my garden. But I wouldn't dream of plotting what to plant without involving my son. He's not exactly what I'd call an avid gardener, but both at school and at home, he's been involved in gardening projects since he was big enough to drop a seed into the ground. Now he helps brainstorm which vegetables we should grow this year.

    As long as your project is age-appropriate, gardening can be mind-expanding, creative fun for kids. Here are 10 gardening project for kids, going from easy to more advanced. 

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    Terrariums are the best way to add a little green to your surroundings with a minimal amount of effort -- no green thumb required! The best part is that you can build a terrarium out of just about any kind of container as long as you have the basics on hand. That cool geometric cube terrarium above is from Etsy seller ABJ Glassworks and comes with a simple starter kit, plants included.  

    I've pulled together a few more fabulous terrarium inspirations and ideas for you to browse through below.

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