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    Oh, white water stain on my beautiful wooden kitchen table. You are EVIL! Why must you taunt me so, catching my eye every time I walk through the room?

    Last week I hosted a brunch (because I'm like a spunkier, more-champagne-drunk version of Ina Garten) and did something incredibly stupid. I placed my delicious cheesy bacon casserole on the kitchen table, sitting it on a towel and NOT on a trivet. *Slaps forehead*

    I didn't discover the mark for hours -- because brunch was long and the champagne delicious. When I did, I panicked. This was different than your average white ring left from a cup or mug plopped down sans coaster. This was a rectangle roughly the size and shape, well, of a kitchen towel. I frantically scrubbed and scrubbed with soap and water. If this has happened to you -- DON'T DO THAT.

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    Home decorators and ordinary mortals who just love to jazz up their rooms are going bonkers for vintage-looking, slightly distressed wood furniture that has the added bonus of being eco-friendly. The phrase on everyone's lips is "reclaimed wood," which appears in so many luxury furniture catalogs that it has become really difficult to distinguish between this type of lumber and every other wood on Earth.

    So, what exactly is reclaimed wood? And why is it so darn special?

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    Imagine you had the opportunity to own a 113-year-old Victorian house in a quiet neighborhood in northeastern Pennsylvania. It boasts 4 spacious bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 9-foot ceilings, a bay window, a stained glass window, and an actual study/library that features a secret door behind a moving bookcase that leads to a little private office space. Are you kidding? Sign this space-starved New Yorker up!

    Oh, but wait, there's one catch: according to the house's owners, their home is "slightly haunted." No big deal really, as long as you don't mind hearing screams and strange knocking sounds in the middle of the night or catching the occasional "ghastly visage" lurking behind you in the bathroom mirror. Ready to put in an offer? 

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    You can find this item in thousands of family rooms and playrooms across the country. Card tables are a major staple this time of year as people try to make seating for as many friends and relatives as possible. Not to mention all the people (namely kids) who play board games on them. Well, those who have one take note: Walmart is recalling 73,400 Mainstays five-piece card table and chair sets after customers reported amputations. Yes. AMPUTATIONS.

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    Remember when Kate Middleton went out shopping the other day looking oh-so-chic and casual? So much fuss over jeans and sneakers we forgot to obsess fuss discuss what was actually inside those shopping bags of hers. But what did the Duchess buy? The People need to know, and by people I mean strangers who live in a former colony across the ocean. Kate may have been feathering her nest, buying something absolutely adorable for her household. Check out Kate's reported purchases from Zara Home.

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    I can't usually get down with commemorative pieces. When I'm up late at night channel surfing and come across a show selling replicas of every trinket Marilyn Monroe ever wore around her neck, arms, or fingers, I can't help but think: okay, if I buy that necklace, I'll need a pink sequinned gown to go with it. 

    But this is different. This is an adorable and understated mug created by a family friend of the Middletons that pays tribute to the birth of little Prince George by featuring an acorn wearing a king's crown and the words "From Small Acorns." I absolutely must, must get my hands on it! I promise I won't even sully it with my disgusting American coffee but will force myself to make tea every day just so I can sip it from this cup with my pinkie up in the air. 

    Sigh. But it's probably not going to happen because out of the 500 mugs Lynda Tillotson made, only 40 remain. Vultures, I tell you. 

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    Thanksgiving is only two more days away, but if you're anything like me, then you've probably been way too preoccupied with planning the meal to think about how you're going to dress up your dining room table and make it look festive for the big feast.

    But sometimes choosing an eye-pleasing centerpiece or place settings can be tough, because many Thanksgiving decor items go a little bit overboard with turkey and corn themes. And aside from that, they can also take a lot of time to put together.

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    I'm not sure I ever thought I'd see the triumphant return of gilded gold, but here it is, back and MUCH better. When done right I think it can add an interesting layer of depth and warmth to any room! 

    See 5 more gilded gold accent inspirations below:

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  • Home ... Improvements?

    posted by Aunt Becky January 12, 2012 at 8:22 AM in Toddler
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    It's shocking to me how ugly my house is.

    It shouldn't be, I mean, I work from home (I use the term "work" loosely here), which means I'm firmly ensconced in my fugly house most hours of the day. But somehow, I started accepting the fug as normal, and that's when the wheels came a-flyin' off the train.

    For years, YEARS, I've worked in an office (read: my dining room) that was painted such an atrocious shade of green that it made me actually angry to look at the walls. I hear green is supposed to be soothing, but let me tell you, this sort of "cat pee on plasterboard look" is what they probably paint prisons with if they want the inmates to start brawling. It's that bad.

    Or it was.

    This weekend, because I have a party in which people may actually show up and see the fug in person, I realized it was time for a change.

    And now.

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    There's nothing quite as pleasant as a leisurely breakfast on a sunny morning. Maybe it's because it's very much a rarity here or because maple syrup is so delicious, but I would be content if that was my Christmas present this year. Of course, I would ask for one of these breakfast nooks to go along with it. Don't they look wonderfully cozy?

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