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    Whether you're a mom who's all thumbs or one who's always packing a glue gun, chances are you're looking forward to decorating your home for fall. 

    We've found some simple and stunning do-it-yourself autumn wreaths to get you in the swing of things. 

    And for those who'd prefer to have the perfect harvest-themed accessories shipped right to your door, we discovered some affordable awe-inspiring alternatives for you as well. 

    The following are 10 fall wreaths that range from store-bought options to DIY projects for craft mavens and novices alike.

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    Can you smell the pumpkin spice in the air? I can! And I'm already seeing a plethora of really fun, fall-inspired crafts to try on Pinterest.

    One pin that seems to make the rounds every year is flower pots made using pumpkins. Typically I repin them but figure they're probably too time-intensive to try on my own.

    This year is different, though! I decided to give the pumpkin flower pots a try and make one using a real pumpkin and the other using a carvable craft pumpkin.

    I gathered my pumpkins, carving knife, a scooper, and a flower arrangement and got to work! I'll be honest, it really didn't take much time at all once I had my materials in place.

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    As summer winds to a close (remember: there are still 21 days AFTER Labor Day!!), we are all in a rush to get through our bucket lists. This summer, I had a variety of projects on my roster, including my easy summer recipes and beautifying my yard. They all got done. And how. But I knew there was one project I really wanted to do before the weather turns chilly and we all take ourselves indoors.

    That project? DIY Tin Can Lanterns.

    It's a project that has been making the rounds on Pinterest for good reason. They look so magical glowing in a walkway at night or hanging from trees. Like twinkling summer fairies, they're perfect for a barbecue or end of the summer farewell blast.

    For this craft, I gathered:

    Soup cans Markers Hammer Nails Candles (battery-powered for the kid-friendly version)

    After collecting my tools, I pulled my kids in to complete this craft with me.

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    Isn't this ice bowl pretty? They don't last forever, but if you want a dramatic centerpiece that doubles as a chiller, an ice bowl is perfect. They're impressive enough just plain, but add flowers, fruit, or herbs, and you've got a knockout. They look like the kind of thing best left to the experts, but actually they're pretty simple. You could make your own ice bowl in just 5 simple steps. Here's how!

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    Happy Memorial Day Weekend! You have three days to for patriotic fun with the family. How about some red, white, and blue crafts? We've found 8 patriotic crafts simple enough to do with your kids. And then when you're done, everyone can enjoy the colorful decorations you've created together. 

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    Whether it's because you've got the ultimate vision or because you're trying to cut costs, making your own wedding bouquet is definitely something any bride can do. You may even already have a Pinterest board filled with inspiration. Putting it all together is pretty simple -- 7 steps simple, in fact. Follow our tutorial to create the wedding bouquet of your dreams. For best results, create your bouquet the morning of your wedding.

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    Picnics, potlucks, and summer festivals just got a whole lot easier! I love how the internet brings so many brilliant ideas and crafts together that I never would have considered before.

    Now that the weather is getting a bit warmer, it's time to start thinking about those outdoor eating arrangements, and as usual, Pinterest has offered some great suggestions!

    I particularly enjoy how easy the upcycled utensil holders look using soup cans!

    For this week's craft, I wanted to test whether or not these could turn out as nicely as they look on Pinterest. Are they sturdy? Would they support silverware?

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    I've been busy decorating my front porch with flowers and was thrilled to find a fun and easy way to dress up my old plain teracotta pots.

    A lot of people are covering their pots with fabric to give them a pop of color that will spruce up any home. I love this idea as a little centerpiece on a table or even next to my kitchen sink.

    My Mom loves gardening and I know this could be a gift she might really appreciate on Mother's Day.

    But first thing's first, does it actually work? I used a spray adhesive, some fabric I had on hand and a bit of mod podge to seal everything into place.

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    When I was growing up, we had piñatas for our birthdays -- made from scratch. My parents would go through the whole papier mache process: Blowing up a balloon, pasting over with strips of newspaper, covering with tissue paper. As we got older, we'd help out. I still love the idea of traditionally made piñatas, but it's hard to find the time to make them. Not to mention, they're actually really hard for little kids to break! So when I came across the idea of making a piñata from a paper bag, I got excited. Here's a way to make this craft simpler, faster, and even easier to break.

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    When I initially saw seedlings sprouting from eggshells, I thought they looked cute, but I wasn't sure why someone would go to the trouble of planting seeds this way. Growing plants inside eggshells seemed a little over the top, but once I realized people were doing this as a clever way to transport sprouting plants into their garden, it made perfect sense. Once transported, the eggshell actually feeds your garden!

    It's also helpful for people interested in growing herbs indoors, but don't have a garden. Growing them from an egg carton is a space saver and it's ecological and it can make for a lovely centerpiece.

    With this in mind, I grabbed a carton of eggs, top soil, and seeds and started my project!

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