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    Tis' the season for flashing lights and reindeer displays -- but it's highly obvious that one man in Georgia took the whole whimsical holiday decorating concept a bit too far.

    Bubba Murphy hung a "falling man" outside of an upstairs window in his home -- and the mannequin is so realistic, it actually prompted one woman to call 911 after believing there was truly a person hanging on for dear life from the ledge -- about to lose his grip.

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    Every season we try our very best to give people in our lives meaningful gifts we think they'll enjoy. Most of the time it works out. But every once in a while we suffer a massive gifting fail. What happened? You thought you'd nailed it -- but you were so, so wrong. It's the thought that counts, right? As awful as it is to be on the receiving end of a gifting fail, I think it's even worse to be the gift-giver who blew it. Some may disagree with me, though. At any rate, here are a few tales of gifting fails. Do any of these sound familiar?

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    Every year I look forward to the holiday cards that come trickling in. It's so fun to see what my friends and family have been up to, and I love how each card is different and captures the excitement of a new year approaching. To celebrate my love for them I think it's important to display holiday cards in a way that allows us to see our loved ones all season long!

    Lucky for me I didn't have to look far to find out how to display our holiday cards. Plenty of people are pinning DIY Holiday Card Holder tutorials on Pinterest, and I thought I would choose one and find out if I could create something that really works.

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    Have you seen the Nerd Nativity created by blogger Designer Daddy? It features Wonder Woman as Mary, Captain America as Joseph, Alf as an angel, and as baby Jesus -- plus a baby dinosaur, naturally, and all on a small cheese plate. It's kind of perfect -- and about as kid-friendly as they come. 

    When I was growing up we had a beautiful nativity created with trees, moss, and these beautiful Italian Fontanini figurines. But when I grew up I went for something slightly less reverent -- Playmobil. Yes, they make a nativity, and it is awesome. But if you're crafty like Designer Daddy you can come up with something even more clever. Here's a few cute, silly Christmas creches you have to see.

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    I love decorating my Christmas tree. I love looking at it all month in December. I won't lie -- I also love the "oh wows" I get from guests when they walk in the door. I'm kinda good at the Christmas tree thing.

    I'm here to tell you that anyone can learn to decorate a Christmas tree like a pro -- because this skill did not come naturally to me. Nope, I took a class years and years ago taught by someone that staged greenery for a living and learned some very valuable tips to take my tree to the next level of Christmas decorating.

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    I'll admit my initial response to The Elf On The Shelf® was not necessarily a positive one. I don't know why they couldn't make the elf look a little less creepy, but to be honest I find the idea of ANY doll watching me every day a little creepy. I'm also not thrilled about lying to my kids about one more thing ... as if I don't feel guilty enough about Santa.

    Lastly, and most importantly, I didn't think I would remember to move the elf every night. I can't even play the role of an occasional tooth fairy without messing that up royally every time, so a nightly elf move seems like too much pressure!

    You can't escape the elf on Pinterest though. Mothers everywhere have embraced this magical character, and every year they use him to create Christmas traditions for children to delight in. As I see a consistent stream of pins and repins of creative elf ideas from my friends who love him, I couldn't help but wonder ... am I missing out on something here?

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    A fresh evergreen Christmas tree, or an artificial tree? That is the question! I grew up with fake trees and had a perfectly happy childhood. But as an adult I've bought only fresh trees. I just couldn't quite bring myself to buy an artificial one ... that is, until I found out how many other moms are going with the perma-tree. The Prowl surveyed moms and found out a whopping 72 percent of you plan on decking an artificial tree this year. Check out the infographic below.

    Contemplating going artificial this year? Here are a few tips for picking out the right tree and what to do with it.

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    I absolutely love to see Christmas lights decorating people's homes and front yards. Joy to the world! 'Tis the season! Everything is merry and bright! And I love it even more when a whole neighborhood decides to get involved. Imagine coming home every day to your home all beautifully lit up with a soft glow of snowy white and beautiful red and green and blue hues all over. Joy to the world! Imagine the kids' faces and the neighbors' smiles and the photo ops! How sweet that for this one time a year, we can decorate and spread some happy!

    Until a grinch comes along. That's right. One neighborhood in Orange County, California, is being told to kill the lights. Where is the holiday spirit?!

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    When you think about Christmas and the holidays, what do you think of? No, after presents. For me -- I think of decorating the home. And my #1 favorite Christmas decoration? The gingerbread house. Well get this, the Texas A&M Traditions club has officially broken the Guinness World Record for World's Largest Gingerbread House with a 39,201.8-cubic-foot structure of tastiness. That's right, the World's Largest Gingerbread House is currently standing in Bryan, Texas.

    Made with 1,800 pounds of butter, 2,925 pounds of brown sugar, 7,200 eggs, 225 gallons of molasses, 7,200 pounds of all-purpose flour, 1,090 ounces of ground ginger, 720 ounces of ground cinnamon, and 360 ounces of baking soda -- this house is no laughing matter.

    And get this: you can ACTUALLY walk through it!!

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    Now that Thanksgiving is over -- it's time to decorate our homes and make them all festive to get ready for Christmas! Whether it be a charming wreath on your front door, simple candle lights in each window, or an adorable reindeer display in the yard -- there are so many fun ways to bring the magic of the holidays to life in your own yard.

    But some people tend to go a bit more over-the-top than others when it comes to holiday lights. And if tons of "bling" is your cup of tea? You won't be able to resist checking out some of the brightest and biggest displays around!

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