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    So, did you hear about the man who blamed his wife for their messy house? Spoiler alert: He admits he was wrong. He used to look around his house and judge his stay-at-home wife until he became a stay-at-home dad. Then he learned: Kids are destroyers. Not only that, taking care of a home (including the people who live in it) is a collection of "a million full-time jobs." This includes "housekeeper, disciplinarian, teacher, nurse ..." Oh blah blah blah, you know the list. We've all lived it. Congratulations, stay-at-home-dad, for observing the obvious!

    As with everything else in life, you have to prioritize. Some things are more important than cleaning your house. Actually, a lot of things are more important than cleaning. And anyway, aren't we all kind of suspicious of super-clean homes?

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    If you cook even once or twice a week, your stove-top can be a living monument to every meal you've prepared. Even the most finicky of housekeepers can overlook a dirty stove-top. It can sneak up on you! Sure, you do a daily wipe down (most of the time), but that doesn't keep the odd pot from overflowing or the oil and gunk from building up and building up until you're left with an embarrassing mess.

    Conventional stove-tops are notoriously difficult to clean. Their shape, size, and the frequently caked-on reminders of meals long gone can make all the elbow-grease in the world seem like it's going to waste. But hope is not lost -- not even for the ultra-lazy like me! Here are 5 easy ways to make that stove-top sparkle once more. 

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    Call me a weirdo, but I actually enjoy cleaning my bathroom. It's my sanctuary and I love the daydream-inducing sky blue penny tiles I picked out for the floor. It's just that I have a LIFE, see, and that kind of gets in the way of doing a deep cleaning of my bathroom. Most of the time we get by on a quick swipe -- and by quick I mean 10 to 15 minutes. I'm starting to get pretty good at this drive-by cleaning. Here's how the quickie bathroom cleaning goes down.

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    Oh, white water stain on my beautiful wooden kitchen table. You are EVIL! Why must you taunt me so, catching my eye every time I walk through the room?

    Last week I hosted a brunch (because I'm like a spunkier, more-champagne-drunk version of Ina Garten) and did something incredibly stupid. I placed my delicious cheesy bacon casserole on the kitchen table, sitting it on a towel and NOT on a trivet. *Slaps forehead*

    I didn't discover the mark for hours -- because brunch was long and the champagne delicious. When I did, I panicked. This was different than your average white ring left from a cup or mug plopped down sans coaster. This was a rectangle roughly the size and shape, well, of a kitchen towel. I frantically scrubbed and scrubbed with soap and water. If this has happened to you -- DON'T DO THAT.

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    I don't know about you, but I have completely and totally ignored my backyard for the last four or five months. I believe I stepped back there just once during the winter, and that was just to see if it was a raccoon I was hearing or an intruder. Needless to say, my lonely backyard is one huge, hot mess.

    But now, spring has sprung! It's time to face my fears and tackle the jungle that has grown in the back of my house. For inspiration, I have put together 5 tips on how to clean up our crazy yards so we can actually do fun outdoorsy things with our families now that it's warm out.

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    Moms, we do so much for our families. Stuff they don't even know about. And when it comes to these umpteen, thankless tasks that reliably fall to us, a lot of the time, no one even notices. If you're a mom, you're nodding your head right now. If you're not, you're probably sitting baffled, thinking, "Like what?!"

    I thought I'd ask some follow moms to share some of the ongoing chores they do that often go by completely unappreciated. A major shout-out to moms everywhere, because holy crap, we work our butts off for our families.

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    Sooooo, have you been glued to the TV watching the winter Olympics since they started? Nah. Me neither. Because it's super tough to find the extra time to sit down and watch them, what with all the stuff we moms have going on during a typical day.

    Between getting the kids off to school, work, helping them with homework, taking care of household tasks, and shuttling them back and forth to activities -- sometimes our lives really are like their own version of the Olympics.

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    For the most part I consider myself a clean and tidy person. I put things away. I wipe up spills. I clean the bathroom, er, well, almost every week. I change the sheets and do laundry regularly. There's a place for everything, and nearly everything is in its place. But still, there are some dark corners of my home that get neglected. Places I'm aware of but just never get around to cleaning. Or places so decrepit, I've lost the nerve to touch them at all.

    I know there are people out there who assiduously clean every last nook and cranny of their homes. I salute you! You must have really interesting lives to spend all the time cleaning ... But for those of us doing the bare minimum, I give you: My slideshow of shame.

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    You know how on average women do most of the housework? More than their male partners, even when we do professional work full time, even when we make more than our male partners do. For whatever reason, we're still the ones spending the most quality time with the toilet brush. Why is this? And more importantly, WHEN WILL IT END? Well, one brilliant man has an revolutionary solution: This housekeeping gender imbalance will end when we women learn to love filth.

    In an Op Ed for the New York Times, housework-averse man Stephen Marche makes his case like it's the most obvious, simple solution ever. Just do less housework! Let you home go to shit, ladies. You care too much.

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    Last week, I was innocently wasting time on Twitter when there was an unexpected knock at the door. The mailman? No. Jehovah's Witnesses? Nope. Girl Scouts? Think again.

    It was a friend -- a real life friend -- popping by unexpectedly for a visit. She happened to be in the neighborhood and thought she'd stop by to say hello. Is that ok, she asked? Sure, I nervously laughed. Come on in. It's not that I was unhappy to see her -- not at all. It was that all I could think the whole time was "OMG, what if she needs to use the bathroom and when the hell was the last time I cleaned it?" 

    Fortunately, she left pretty soon after and did not have to use the restroom during those endless 15 minutes. But the experience got me thinking about all the things I scurry to do when preparing to entertain and how it might be a good idea to start doing them on a regular basis. Things like ...

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