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    With the changing season on the horizon, you might be coveting a new fall wardrobe or goods to make your home more comfy and cozy going into cooler weather. If you have those or other big ticket items on the brain, you're in luck! Not only is Labor Day all about celebrating the American worker, but as we all know, it's also prime time for snagging deals galore at a multitude of retailers across the country -- including many of your favorites!

    Labor Day has become synonymous with sales and great discounts -- and this year won't disappoint! Get your shopping shoes ready!

    The most popular deals: Chains selling housewares often push home-improvement products over the holiday weekend, mattresses are another popular Labor Day sales item, and stores do their first markdown on winter clothes like sweaters, coats, hats, and scarves around Labor Day, notes Consumer Reports.

    Here, where you can snag these steals across the country.

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    The only thing worse than taking cranky toddlers or surly teens to the grocery store is getting to the register and having a heart attack when the totals ring up. Money is tight and we need to make every dollar count. And while there are great ways to save, including store deals and printable coupons, you can also make your dollar go much further by following these easy-peasy tips. You’ll save cash, your sanity, and maybe even have some money left over for some chocolate. You totally deserve it.

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    Recently we painted our living room, and during our planning, we had amassed dozens and dozens of paint chip strips. After we had FINALLY decided on a color, these cheery and bright paint chips just sat there on my desk, collecting dust. But then it hit me: This was an upcycling opportunity if I ever saw one! And you know what? I was surprised by how many awesome paint chip crafts there are out there, including oodles that are easy to do with the kids.

    Check out these 8 super cool paint chip crafts. Which one would you want to try?


    Image via HomeSpot HQ

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    Already lacing your sneakers in anticipation of Black Friday? Well throw those sneakers back in the closet and plan on sleeping in Friday. That is no longer the Day of Deals. Shopping experts (how do I become one?) are saying Black Friday is just a sick marketing ploy that plants panic in your heart in order to move your turkey butt into stores during a valuable vacation day. Your shopping time and money are better spent on Wednesdays in general, and especially one Wednesday in particular.

    Matthew Ong of says that just a few of the throngs shopping on Black Friday will walk away with truly exceptional bargains. The vast majority of shoppers make do with lesser or even fake deals. Products are often sold at the same prices they were sold for during last year's Black Friday -- or at the same discounts offered on Veterans' Day just a few weeks ago.

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    Guess who likes a good bargain and isn't afraid to ask for it? Kate Middleton! Just because she's the daughter of a millionaire, a duchess married to a prince, and now the mother of a possible monarch doesn't mean she's above a little haggling. A shopkeeper at an antiques shop says Kate Middleton requested a discount on her purchase. And she got it, too, the shopkeeper says. "Of course, she’s got a big house to do up. But I love her for asking."

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    Fall is steadily encroaching on us, have you noticed? The mornings are darker and chillier. I have this weird craving for pumpkin lattes and flannel shirts. Oh yeah, and I noticed on the calendar the other day that we're over halfway through September already. Time to Fall-ify your home! 

    Here are some of the loveliest fall decorating ideas we could find. They're relatively simple, not too pricey (maybe even free), and they're about creating a mood, not cluttering up your home with more useless junk. 

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    We know, you’re just getting the kids back to school and you refuse to admit that summer is nearing its end. But now is the time families are booking their November and December holiday trips, believe it or not.

    If you want your trips to see loved ones filled with ho, ho, ho laughter and not "harrumph, there’s no money left for presents" tears, you should probably keep reading.

    See, there’s a science to finding the best air fares. Mark Drusch, CheapOair’s chief supplier relations officer, says Monday or Tuesday morning, between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. ET, is the best time to find cheaper flights, because airlines have updated their inventories overnight.

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    Planning your end-of-summer getaway? A road trip is likely in order.

    In fact, AAA reports 34.1 million Americans are expected to take Labor Day trips at least 50 miles away from home during the upcoming holiday. That’s up 4.2 percent over last year.

    But before you gas up, you should know that not all fueling stations are created equal -- especially when it comes to pricing. Find out who has the cheapest gas by plugging in your zip code at And, as you make your itineraries, be sure to check out AAA’s handy Fuel Cost Calculator to estimate how much you’ll need to budget for gas.

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    You may have gotten a grasp on keeping your clothing spending in check, or figured out how to control that coffee bill, but are you making efforts at home to save money too? Here are 3 ways to keep from going broke in your own house.

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    When it comes to furnishing and buying things for the home, we all have different tastes and styles. Me, I'm more into clean lines and neutrals with that splash of bright color to make things pop. Whether or not you and I have similar tastes in decor, I think there is one thing we can agree on: If you don't need to splurge, then keeping costs down is the ideal. Especially on some typically expensive home items.

    From cookware and hangers to the sheets on your queen-size bed, check out our splurge vs. save guide on what home items are worth the extra investment:

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