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    Cleaning the bathroom is just about no one's idea of a good time. It's dirty, it's smelly, it's downright depressing. For many of us, it's a chore we either outsource or put off as long as possible until it's so disgusting, it becomes 1,000 times worse.

    Then, of course, once we DO clean, we do so with harsh chemicals that strip the enamel (and our nose hairs) and make the whole job that much more unpleasant. It's a nightmare.

    It doesn't have to be that way. With regular maintenance and a little creativity, the bathroom can STAY clean and all of it can be done without resorting to dangerous, fume-filled chemicals. In fact, there are dozens of convenient bathroom cleaning hacks that don't require massive amounts of time, money, or elbow grease.

    Here are 10 of the best bathroom cleaning hacks that will make the chore a benign part of life rather than a horror show.

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    There is almost nothing in the world more frustrating than stepping out of a perfect shower only to find that your bathroom mirror is completely fogged. Okay, so that might be a SLIGHT exaggeration. Mirror fogging is hardly a matter of national importance. But the fact is it really is one of life's little annoyances and one of those things you often wish you could find an easy way to combat.

    The answer, my friends, is so much simpler than any of us could have imagined. It turns out, something you already have in your bathroom can stop the foggy mirror blues once and for all. It's as basic as a bar of soap and a towel. I've tried it. It works!

    Defogging your bathroom mirror is an easy six-step process. Wait 'til you see how it's done ...

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    Are you familiar with the "Mom bathroom"? The bathroom doesn't necessarily come to mind as a place that takes on the various characteristics of parenthood the way a car does (So. Many. Crushed. Goldfish crackers), or your boobs (as in, I could swear there was a time when I didn't need a paint stick to get everything situated in my sports bra …), but if you have kids, I bet you kissed your picture-perfect, ready-for-guests-at-a-moment's-notice bathroom goodbye a long time ago.

    Mom bathrooms are indeed a thing, and they can be identified by the following tell-tale signs.

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    Scary fact alert: Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death among kids ages 1 to 4 years old, and it takes only a few inches of water. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, bathtubs are the second most common place young children drown (the first is pools).

    The safest thing you can do? "Never leave your baby alone in the bathroom, not even for a second," says Kimberlee Mitchell, Child Safety Expert & Founder of Boo Boo Busters, Inc. "Lock all bathrooms off -- with a door knob lock  -- to keep children from getting in there alone." (If you have an older home with smaller door knobs that don't typically fit door knob locks, a hook and eye lock on the outside is okay too.)

    Obviously, there will be times when your child is in the bathroom with you (those days of showering or peeing in private are over, mom), so make sure you've child-proofed from floor to ceiling. Here's how.

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    If you walk into your bathroom each morning and think to yourself, "Gee, I sure wish this space was a little bit more fresh and inviting," you most definitely aren't alone.

    Considering how much time we spend in there compared to the rest of our rooms, it's obviously a place we should feel happy and comfortable in. But as much as we'd all love to makeover our bathrooms so they resemble something in a magazine, most of us don't have the time or resources to do so.

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    Call me a weirdo, but I actually enjoy cleaning my bathroom. It's my sanctuary and I love the daydream-inducing sky blue penny tiles I picked out for the floor. It's just that I have a LIFE, see, and that kind of gets in the way of doing a deep cleaning of my bathroom. Most of the time we get by on a quick swipe -- and by quick I mean 10 to 15 minutes. I'm starting to get pretty good at this drive-by cleaning. Here's how the quickie bathroom cleaning goes down.

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    One of the things we so often take for granted is having a clean toilet to go to the bathroom in. Until, of course, we are out and about and the urge strikes ... an undeniable urge to pee (or worse) that cannot be ignored. And has to happen now. It's awful when that happens.

    So there you are left wondering which disgusting public restroom you can do your business in ... or what restaurant you can pretend to be dining in just so you can use their loo. Fear not, people who have to pee really bad, there's an app for that! One called Airpnp! And it's perfect for three very specific kinds of people.

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    When it comes to cleaning the house, I think it's safe to say that the most dreaded room to tackle with a sponge and bucket full of hot water is the bathroom. That icky grime underneath the toilet seat ... it's like it stares at the daredevil who attempts to attack it, mocking their every scrub. And the soap scum under the shower faucet? Ugh, I get chills just thinking about it.

    Whether or not you find enjoyment in scrubbing the room your family does their dirty work in (let's be real, you don't) -- there are a few tricks to making it a bit less painful. Seriously. What if I were to tell you that you can have a clean bathroom in 8 steps? Sure, maybe my definition of "clean" differs from yours. But if you're in a rush and simply want people to think you're a spic 'n' span fam -- well, aren't you in for a treat!

    Take a looksee at our "clean" bathroom checklist. Don't worry, your mother-in-law doesn't need to know.

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    Imagine you had the opportunity to own a 113-year-old Victorian house in a quiet neighborhood in northeastern Pennsylvania. It boasts 4 spacious bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 9-foot ceilings, a bay window, a stained glass window, and an actual study/library that features a secret door behind a moving bookcase that leads to a little private office space. Are you kidding? Sign this space-starved New Yorker up!

    Oh, but wait, there's one catch: according to the house's owners, their home is "slightly haunted." No big deal really, as long as you don't mind hearing screams and strange knocking sounds in the middle of the night or catching the occasional "ghastly visage" lurking behind you in the bathroom mirror. Ready to put in an offer? 

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    A living space can go from organized to cluttered in the blink of an eye. However, with some unique storage solutions and organizers for the home, you can make life a lot simpler.

    Think of those mini disasters that give you the most frustration as you try to leave the house each morning. Do you misplace your car keys? Or maybe you can never find that second earring. Over on The Prowl, we've collected some helpful and decorative ways to solve some of the most common clutter dilemmas.

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