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    One of the things we so often take for granted is having a clean toilet to go to the bathroom in. Until, of course, we are out and about and the urge strikes ... an undeniable urge to pee (or worse) that cannot be ignored. And has to happen now. It's awful when that happens.

    So there you are left wondering which disgusting public restroom you can do your business in ... or what restaurant you can pretend to be dining in just so you can use their loo. Fear not, people who have to pee really bad, there's an app for that! One called Airpnp! And it's perfect for three very specific kinds of people.

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    When it comes to cleaning the house, I think it's safe to say that the most dreaded room to tackle with a sponge and bucket full of hot water is the bathroom. That icky grime underneath the toilet seat ... it's like it stares at the daredevil who attempts to attack it, mocking their every scrub. And the soap scum under the shower faucet? Ugh, I get chills just thinking about it.

    Whether or not you find enjoyment in scrubbing the room your family does their dirty work in (let's be real, you don't) -- there are a few tricks to making it a bit less painful. Seriously. What if I were to tell you that you can have a clean bathroom in 8 steps? Sure, maybe my definition of "clean" differs from yours. But if you're in a rush and simply want people to think you're a spic 'n' span fam -- well, aren't you in for a treat!

    Take a looksee at our "clean" bathroom checklist. Don't worry, your mother-in-law doesn't need to know.

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    Imagine you had the opportunity to own a 113-year-old Victorian house in a quiet neighborhood in northeastern Pennsylvania. It boasts 4 spacious bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 9-foot ceilings, a bay window, a stained glass window, and an actual study/library that features a secret door behind a moving bookcase that leads to a little private office space. Are you kidding? Sign this space-starved New Yorker up!

    Oh, but wait, there's one catch: according to the house's owners, their home is "slightly haunted." No big deal really, as long as you don't mind hearing screams and strange knocking sounds in the middle of the night or catching the occasional "ghastly visage" lurking behind you in the bathroom mirror. Ready to put in an offer? 

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    A living space can go from organized to cluttered in the blink of an eye. However, with some unique storage solutions and organizers for the home, you can make life a lot simpler.

    Think of those mini disasters that give you the most frustration as you try to leave the house each morning. Do you misplace your car keys? Or maybe you can never find that second earring. Over on The Prowl, we've collected some helpful and decorative ways to solve some of the most common clutter dilemmas.

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    How far will you go to save money at home? Probably not as far as this couple is going. Karissa and Rick Parran share a level of intimacy that goes beyond even that of Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian, and it's a whole lot less sexy, too. As you'll see in the clip from TLC's Extreme Cheapskates show, they share everything, including dental floss. I don't mean that they share the same box of dental floss -- I mean Karissa uses a string of floss and then hands it over to Rick to re-use.

    You may now commence writhing in disgust. Eww! Wait, there's more ... 

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    The wallpaper trend continues to thrive, and I think you'll agree that there are so many gorgeous options out there. I've seen a ton of inspiring nurseries with wallpaper and thought I'd share some of the best prints and creative uses I've spotted while browsing around.

    I absolutely love the wallpapered ceiling in the photo above, but can hardly imagine the headache and neck cramp that must have accompanied the installation. Ha!

    See more below!

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    So imagine your neighbor builds an addition to their home. It juts out into the backyard, it's made of clear glass, and you can't help but notice it. Is it a porch? A balcony? A viewing room? Why, no, there's a shower head there and it's ... well ... an outdoor shower! When one couple decided to build a completely see-through glass shower overlooking their Brooklyn neighborhood, more drama than an episode of Real Housewives ensued. A nosy neighbor (New Yorkers don't speak to each other but we spy like crazy) took a photo and sent it to city blog Gothamist, which posted the photo and explained how neighbors imagined the couple moving into the townhouse would be hosting "orgies" and wished that they were "better looking" and "more famous." There goes the neighborhood ...

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    Fact: I like a clean-smelling home. I love walking through my front door, inhaling, and then being overcome by a scent so beautiful that a smile spreads across my face. Too bad that almost never happens. Whose house smells like that? No seriously, let me know so I can learn your ways!

    For years, I've been relying on store-bought air fresheners, but when I use them, I always feel like I'm breathing in gross chemicals. Yuck!

    For those of you searching for a way to make your home smell amazing without spending too much money at the store, simple tricks like placing dried herbs and coffee grounds in decorative bowls throughout the house can mask any unwanted scents. Coffee grounds as an air freshener? Now that's what I'm talking about.

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    When a video starts with a hot guy in the shower and then gets better, you know it's worth watching.

    The scene in this episode of Hot Dads Doing Chores opens on an extremely good-looking man rinsing off. The camera lingers on his well-developed chest and muscular arms, and we even get a little glimpse of booty as he towels off.

    And you guys? That's not even what makes him incredibly attractive. It's what happens next. Let's say he knows what his woman needs...and he delivers. Check it out below:

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    I'm going to say something a bit shocking, so you may want to sit down for this. I have a baffling obsession. I love cleaning my bathroom.

    You read that correctly -- I love cleaning my bathroom. That chore everyone supposedly hates! No, I haven't recently suffered a concussion. I enjoy the whole thing -- swabbing the toilet bowl, scrubbing the tub, making my tile sparkle. I actually look forward to it. Here's why.

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