What China Will Michelle Obama Choose?

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Lyndon Johnson State China (via Wikipedia)

So Michelle and Barack Obama are getting their first tour of the White House today from President and Mrs. Bush. Oh to be a fly on the wall for that visit... Will Michelle feel compelled to compliment Laura on her drapes? Will George let Barack try out the chair in his Office? I wonder...

Come January, Michelle will earn the First Lady duty of picking out the State China. What do you think she'll pick?


After Michelle Obama showed up on The View in the simple $148 dress, it became pretty clear that she would be a pretty down to Earth First Lady. Stylish and sophisticated but not over the top. And that's what the Obama China might be like too.

Maybe this will be the first time the Presidential family just skips over that fussy Seal of the President. The Obama First Family just needs China that is simple but has style and elegance. Pretty but nowhere near that $1 million mark that Nancy Reagan spent. Er, because we're in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression... And no one needs to be buying a million dollars worth of China...

Here are a few lovely but affordable sets for the Obama State China:













































+++ What kind of China would you choose if you were the President or First Lady?


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