6 Kid-Friendly Coffee Table Options


vejmon coffee table    dot coffee table  

     floral round ottoman         delrey ottoman

chalkboard table    jet set storage bench

When shopping for a kid-friendly coffee table, there are two things to look for: round tables with no sharp edges or soft furnitures, like stylish benches or ottomans, that can function safely as a coffee table.

If you find a round table with a chalkboard surface like the Offi Chalkboard Table from Modernseed above, awesome! If you find a round, soft ottoman in an adorable floral print like the Floral Round from Target above, you might even get into heaven with the Super-Parent-Shopping brownie points you're going to get.

And remember, if you opt for an upholstered leather or other fabric piece of furniture, you can always use a simple wood tray, big or small, when you need a safe spot to rest your coffee, tea, or cocktails.

Shown above:

VEJMON Coffee Table, $149 at IKEA

Dot Coffee Table, $399 at west elm

Floral Round Ottoman - Oasis, $289.99 at Target

Delrey Animan Skin Ottoman, $449 Sale $349 at Macy's

Offi Chalkboard Table, $399 at Modernseed

Jet Set Storage Bench, $240 at Urban Outfitters

Is your coffee table kid-friendly? If so, tell us about it.

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athenax3 athenax3

They're cool, but mostly too expensive...

Peajewel Peajewel

I agree with athenax3, a bit pricey.  The chalkboard one you should be able to make if you really wanted to for a lot less money!  I do like them though.

justa... justanotherjen

I never saw the point of a coffee table.  We had one growing up (it was triangular to go with our corner couch).  The only good thing about it was it was the perfect height to sit and do homework.  My parents didn't allow us to put drinks on it (they left marks or got knocked over) and we got yelled at for putting our feet on it.

When my oldest was born we moved in with my parents and they had this long plain wooden table in front of the couch.  It was actually the top of an entertainment center that my dad had made and eventually cut off because of some reason.  It was a perfect height for a coffee table.  But when my dd started walking it was in the way so I moved it across the room against a wall.  That gave us a ton more space in the living room to play.  When you have small rooms like they do here in Chicago the tables just get in the way.  We've never had a coffee table since then (my dd will be 10 soon).  We have end tables to put drinks on.

toria... toriandgrace

We have a really cool table that my husband's uncle made us as a wedding gift. Unfortunately, the corners are like daggers. I have scraped my back and knee on them several times. Our daughter is four and old enough to know she needs to be careful around the table. If we ever have another one, we'll have to get something to put over the corners for a few years.

scien... science_spot

We use our ottoman for a coffee table too!  Only right now it is pushed against the TV table to keep Sarah from messing with the TV/VCR.......

auror... aurorabunny

We use a large square ottoman (one of the soft topped ones) as a coffee table and it has SAVED MY LIFE!  It holds all of our cloth diapers, wipes, creams, and even some toys.  The best part is that it looks expensive but I got it for $69 at Walmart!

APeve... APeveteaux

While I do wish it was less expensive, I'm seriously coveting the Dot from West Elm. Want. It.

kathy245 kathy245

I like these unique and innovative ideas. Looks great!! I want to buy one for my new home's living room. I love the design and I think kids would love it too. Top Coffee Table

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