Pothole Gardens

pothole garden

Photo from Pete Dungey

Pothole gardens! Now that's what the world needs.

Found this lovely bit of inspiration from British artist Pete Dungey via Cup of Jo.

Mr. Dungey plants small flower and plant gardens in potholes. How nice! I always enjoy projects that make an eyesore a thing of beauty.

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scien... science_spot

LOL!  but really, that's asking to cause an accident.....

toria... toriandgrace

Wouldn't you just run over the flowers?

DogsMom DogsMom

Temporary beauty

Momfo... Momforhealth

What a great way to save your car.

4ever... 4everInBluJeans

It seems like a waste of resources to me.  If you put the garden in  a planter (even a coffee can) on the curb, it would last longer and cheer more people.  Here, you waste the plant, the soil & the energy it took to grow it in a hot house.  It also makes more work for the road crews who will have to empty the pot hole before they repair it.  This just sounds like a publicity scheme.


Cafe... Cafe Sheri

Wow, lighten up out there. He is an artist, people. Artists make beauty (and yes, statements too sometimes). I know if I lived in a neighborhood prone to potholes that may never get filled, it would make me happy to see a little thing of beauty like this pop up, even if it's just temporary.

palom... palomino33

I have a farmette, and a lot of cement between buildings(work shop, barns) for trucks and tractors to drive through. There was a small hole in one area, and a friend planted some squash seeds in it to see what would happen. Well, it absolutely thrived and spread out over a large area . I picked about 5 very large yellow squashes off one plant, and shared with my children who live elswhere,and the friend. A fun thing to see!     

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