Snow Hurricane Survival: 10 Indoor Activities for a Happy Winter Home

10 fun indoor winter activities

Snow hurricane!!!

Is your outdoor world currently being buried by a giant white kerplunk of snow? Well, just because there's a near winter white snow blizzard outside doesn't mean it can't be sunny indoors.


You can either worry and fret and sulk or tantrum about the snow catastrophe going on outside, or you can decide, "It's always sunny inside this house!"

Snow Hurricane Survival: 10 Indoor Activities for a Happy Winter Home

  1. Leave someone a love note in snow (and then run back inside and smile while you warm up by the fire or heater and think of them finding it).
  2. Fake a blossoming springtime on your mantel with paper Twiggums (or your own DIY knockoff).
  3. Eat a snow ball or make snow ice cream.
  4. Put fresh sheets on your bed.
  5. Get a natural high off cleaning a closet.
  6. Try not to smile reading the blogs It Made My Day: Little Moments of WIN and 1,000 Awesome Things.
  7. Practice dying Easter Eggs with naturally colorful ingredients around the house.
  8. Make some sunny yellow flowered curtains to hide the snow conditions outside your window (Design*Sponge has a great curtain-sewing tutorial up right now).
  9. Create a font in your own handwriting and then type up a sweet letter for someone you love.
  10. Like Color Me Katie, find a way to bring fun bursts of color around your home.

How do you keep it sunny inside during snow season?

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