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I finally started reading The Happiness Project on the plane before seeing its author Gretchen Rubin speak at the Mom 2.0 Summit conference this past weekend.

I'm only on Chapter 3, and already I'm implementing some of Gretchen's simple tips for happier living.

Oh, and guess what? I feel happier! I really do.

In initiating my New Year's Resolution to find joy in a more balanced life, I have to report that the small stuff matters (who said we shouldn't sweat it?), especially in the life of a busy mom.

Who knew getting dressed in an actual "outside the house" outfit every morning and clearing off a pile-collecting kitchen countertop every week could make me feel so good? And almost accomplished. Yes, accomplished! — without even pulling out the vacuum or toilet brush or running a marathon or remodeling my kitchen!

So it turns out Gretchen Rubin's book The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun is right in line with my resolution too. Paying attention to small, even crazy obvious, solutions can make a lot of happiness. I swear!

At her keynote last week, Gretchen offered three take-away tips for happiness seekers, and they were as simple as they come:

  • Get enough sleep (7-8 hours a night).
  • Declutter (she said, "If you need to self medicate, clean a closet.").
  • Learn something new.

Simple but at the same time genius! Think about how good you feel after getting a full night's sleep or decluttering a messy room or drawer. Think about the natural high you get from being engaged and excited and learning something new.

Heloise of the time-honored Hints From Heloise fame was there on the panel next to Gretchen too! Her take-away tips:

  • Pick three things to clean and keep clean in your home (yes, just three!).
  • Take five minutes of peace for yourself every day (even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom to get it).

I don't know about you, but these are the kinds happiness tips I can actually apply in my life (well, still working on the sleep thing; have some work to do there since I currently believe sleep is a big waste of my precious time).

Check out my other post in which I apply Gretchen's closet-cleaning tips to our big closet (the morning after I returned home from hearing her speak!). It was awesome! And her chapter on Marriage also had me in tears and wanting to work harder in that regard.

Have you heard of The Happiness Project yet? Does the idea of seeking happiness scare you or thrill you (be honest)?

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Angel... Angellinda

The Happiness project!? Who knew? Not me! Sign me up! I sure could use some! With stress, health issues. Being jobless, hopeless and Sad.  This sounds Great! I love to send Love, Care, hugs, support to everyone. Including Sunshine, Fun & rainbows! I send Cheer and care! But I can't help myself! If there's such a thing. I'd be Thrilled!! I'd actually be Happy! How Great is that? Since happiness and laughter is contagious!! Best of Luck! I'm Happy I read this! Thank you for Sharing!!smile

Momof... Momof3cuties

I think I may have to order this book from Amazon!!!  Sheri, thanks so much for sharing!!

cafemama cafemama

Ok, now I REALLY want to read this book.

mzbar... mzbarker2

I am always looking for ways to get "Happy"  and I do know that the small steps can sometimes leave the biggest impressions.  I was about to start  a project of my own on the "fibro sisters" group about de-clutteing your life.  And I think this could also be a good addition for a read!  Thank you!

DogsMom DogsMom

I have had her website on my desktop for months and months. When I have a few minutes I click it open and would love to get lost reading it start to finish. That is actually a goal I have set.  I will have to pick up a copy of her book so I can carry it with me and create the time to enjoy it cover to cover.

Cafe... Cafe Jenn

I never heard of the book but I'll have to check it out.  Sounds interesting.

athenax3 athenax3

I hadn't heard of it until now, but I'll be looking it up right away-lol- the only thing I'll have trouble with is getting 7-8 hours of sleep- I have four kids, one of which is still and infant, and I work from home, often late into the night to complete assignments- sleep is an elusive and rare found commodity for me! Thanks for posting this though I'm am interested in learning more!

clean... cleanaturalady

I have not heard of the Happiness Project.  Being truly happy and joyful thrills me.  Being fake-plaster-on-a-smile-and-pretend happy not so much. 

ethan... ethans_momma06

I too, have nevver hearf of it before but I think that it is an idea I am alreaday trying to impliment.

maine... mainemusicmaker

This is the first I'm hearing of it, but I have cleaned the "cluttered kitchen counter" and I, too, have felt "accomplished" afterwards =)

Got to get this book *nod*

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