Slipcovers: Decorating Solution for Moms


Photo from SureFit; Slipcovers $40-$60

When I bought my white couch at the young age of 21, I looked at it as an investment. Now let's fast forward several years...same white couch, but the value has depreciated to the point of nonexistent.


The vibrant white fit perfectly into my modern decor, but then, life happens. White doesn't go well with pets, entertaining with wine, kids, etc. Obviously, my 21-year-old self didn't take those types of things into consideration.

So, after a fatal spill of coffee that no amount of Oxyclean can remove, I am on the lookout for a slipcover.

Slipcover? Ick. When I think of slipcovers, I think of my grandmother's musty-smelling house, filled with gaudy trinkets and hideous floral slipcovers covering her antique Chippendale living room furniture.

But slipcovers have come a long way since the 1970s' horrors. I came across some at SureFit, and while some of them nod to the retro ways, there are a few that are equipped for a modern living room.

I'd love to do a custom-made one, but that's out of my price range and my sewing skills end at the ability to sew coat buttons. For those that have chosen (or have been forced) to go the slipcover route, SureFit seems to be the dominating website to get them from, and the prices are reasonable, ranging from around $40-$60. Not exactly going the investment route here...that only works if you don't have kids and pets wrecking havoc in your home. And when muddy feet get on it, I can either toss it in the wash or buy a new one. Seems like a good solution, right?

Have you ever used slipcovers? Where did you get yours from?

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