Marimekko Prints at Crate & Barrel

  Marimekko Lehtimaja Mist Bed Linens sheets Marimekko Madison Green Sheets

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Big fan of all things Marimekko, the Finnish textile and clothing design company. Loving all the fabulous prints in the Marimekko products, now at Crate & Barrel.

Plus, lots of these Marimekko textiles are on sale right now. Check it out.


Shown above: 

Marimekko Lehtimaja Mist Bed Linens, reg. $34.95 - $139; on sale $29.95 - $119  

Marimekko Madison Green Sheet Sets, reg. $44.95 - $149; on sale $39.95 - $124 

Marimekko Mustikkamaa Tablecloth/Napkin, reg. $7.95 - $89.95; on sale $4.95 - $59.95

Marimekko Tamara Almond Bath Towels, $4.95 - $34.95

Are you a fan of Marimekko designs?

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