DIY Faux Fireplace in Stacked Wood

DIY stacked wood fireplace

Photo from Small Notebook

Check out this DIY Faux Fireplace in Stacked Wood that Rachel of Small Notebook (well, actually her husband Doug) built to add architectural interest to their plain apartment.

In awe of the awesomeness!


Rachel was inspired by a stacked wood faux fireplace display in an Anthropologie store and put Doug to work on creating one in their simple apartment. The duo put this fireplace together in time to decorate it for the holidays. Isn't it gorgeous?

And what a great (temporary and removable) way to add visual appeal to a plain wall in any room. Plus, it provides a great place to showcase a changing collection of artwork or collectibles.

A rechargeable battery-operated candle display would add some great mood lighting as well.

Here's how to DIY your own stacked wood faux fireplace.

Do you love the look of fireplaces and fireplace mantles?


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