No News Is Good News: Week 4 Progress

green hills

Photo by Sheri Reed

Still moving forward on my progress toward finding joy in a more balanced life. How's your progress going?

New here? It's never to late to join us in this laughable incredible quest.


Thoughts on Week 5:

Not much to report. Progress is steady and mostly positive. Even better, life feels pretty balanced or balance-able when it gets off-kilter, and there's been more joy, particularly at home because I've felt more motivated by my new habits.

I'll probably cut my updates down to monthly or bimonthly from here on out. Checking in here does help hold me accountable (even though you're a pretty nice crowd), and it forces me to mindfully evaluate progress toward my goals.

The rest of my February is pretty booked with a fun family trip and two short business trips, one for me and one for my husband. Busy-ness makes balance all the harder, but I'm going to try to hold up on my goals (shown at the bottom) and try to focus on the joy. Wish me luck.

Go forth and seek joy, my friends! And let me know how it's going. If you're new here, say hello and make some goals of your own.

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Sheri's February Goals:

Marriage: Take advantage of preschool's monthly Parents Night Out. (completed!)

Kids: Make boundaries around computer time, specifically 1) close laptop while supervising 1st grader's homework, and 2) no working between dinnertime and bedtime. (only moderate progress here...)

Personal Interests: Go on one photo-taking outing a month. (completed!)

Work: Shower and/or get dressed to leave the house at the beginning of every work day. (continued success!)

Household: File, recycle, or trash "the stack" on the kitchen counter once a week. (continued success!). Adding: Put away laundry as soon as it is folded (success!)

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