Valentines for Moms: Mom-to-Mom Lovefest

Sheri Reed | Feb 10, 2010 Home & Garden

What mom would you like to honor this Valentine's Day? What "virtual gift" would you send her?

  • To: Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo


    Photo by Sheri Reed

    To Joanna (of A Cup of Jo),

    Your blog makes me happy every day.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Here's a sweet hip hop song you can sing to your "son"light when he arrives.

    (found via hula seventy)

    Happy Valentine's Day!


    Sheri (of CafeMom + today is pretty)

  • To: Tara Thayer of Eyeblog


    Design by Olly Moss

    to Tara (of Eyeblog),

    thanks for taking such beautiful photos and writing about being a mom in such a lovely, accessible and honest way. i love the way you see the world. you inspire me every day.

    i picked this image for you because i think you need this reminder sometimes.


    your shy admirer

  • To: Jenny Brandt of Dos Family


    Photo from Designdelicatessan

    To Jenny (of Dos Family + Sammy Rose),

    Jen, you are such a great creative and strong woman! I am glad to be your net-friend!

    This great little house from Lucky Boy Sunday fits all your kids and catches your sense of style!

    Lots of love, 

    Isabelle (of Dos Family + Family Living)

  • To: Martha McQuade of Uniform Natural

    Field #8 by Uta Barth from Tanya Bonakdar Gallery


    To Martha (of Uniform Natural),

    I have never forgotten your post about helping your 4-year old make an abstract painting. I wasn’t a mom yet and could only think if I’m ever a mom, I hope I can provide that kind of relationship for my child. And now as a mom, I’m even more in awe of what you said and did.

    I know you are no stranger to Uta Barth, but there is such synergy in your eye and hers. I wanted to send you this image that hopefully cheers your day – gives you a minute of pause – provides a breath of inspiration. You do that with your work and photos so often for me.

    Happy Valentine's day,


  • To: Molly Balint of MommyCoddle


    Nestling Necklace from Figs & Ginger

    to: molly (of MommyCoddle),

    A gift representing four very lucky little birds and one very special mama. xo.


    emily (of Shining Egg)


  • To: Melissa of all buttoned up


    Imagine serger via Baby Lock

    to melissa the canadian (of all buttoned up),

    happy valentine's day, lady!!!

    i give you this gift because it would change your life, and i won't feel guilty asking you to make my clothes.


    hannah the american (of huffmania)

  • To: Christy Everett of Following Elias


    Photo by Eira M.

    To Christy (of Following Elias),

    Christy, I've been following you since Elias (born just shy of 25 weeks!) was a little guy. You tell the story of a special needs family in a way that moves me to my core -- and almost always makes me cry. I remember reading about Elias's first steps. Well. Oh, my.

    And now, you have a new baby -- Olive! Congratulations! I'll plan to keep reading. And probably weeping, too. In a good way. :)

    I chose these booties for you because of the olive color, of course, and because I'm so happy for you about becoming a mama again. Wishing you joy!


    Melisa (of Shiny Brite)

  • To: Laura Mayes of Kirtsy + Mom 2.0


    Photo from SpaFinder

    To Laura (of Kirtsy + Mom 2.0),

    As the amazing brainchild behind the Mom 2.0 Defining a Movement Art Exhibit, you deserve a spa day for all your hard work.


    tracey clark of Shutter Sisters


  • To: Ellis Hepburn of alter eco project


    Polaroid 600 One Kit Giambarba from POLAPREMIUM


    To Ellis (of alter eco project),

    I am so glad we're friends: every film junkie needs someone to make her feel like her addiction is OK!

    I picked this modern polaroid camera designed by Paul Giambarba because it is so freakin' cool! Just like you!




  • To: Molly Balint of MommyCoddle


    To Molly at MommyCoddle,

    Here's some ice cream from my favorite store.

    Sending love and loads of good thoughts your way!


    amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay

  • To: Larissa Phillips of Mothership Meals


    Photo via Pixdaus

    To Larissa (of Mothership Meals),

    Thanks for taking the good food revolution to the family table and the Internet!

    I picked this image for you because you fear no vegetables.


    Adriana (of What I Made for Dinner)

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