Which Tax Return Site Did You Use?

tax returnUgh. Taxes. I hate them. And I'm ridiculously bad at anything that has to do with finance. This past weekend I took a stab at doing my tax returns and went the online route this year.


But there are so many tax return websites, I wasn't sure which was the best, so I got some advice from CafeMoms on which one to use:

MrsGonzo517: I've used TaxFreedom for years and decided to go with TurboTax this year. I liked TurboTax WAY better, it was so simple AND free (for the regular version). The IRS approved it in only a few hours, so we'll be getting our refund this week! 

army_wife_916: I used H&R Block online. The IRS accepted it in less than 24 hrs. We should be receiving it on the 28th, so about a week.

Moomoo76: I used H&R Block two years in a row and it works good for me, I found it easy to use. I have used TurboTax which was also very good and TaxAct. I like to use two to see if I get more with one of them.

I ended up going with TurboTax, but did was Moomoo76 does and tried several of them to determine which offered the highest return.

Have you filed your taxes yet? Did you do them online? If so, which tax return site did you use?


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