Two Cute DIY Hanging Lamps: One Paper, One Coffee Cans

pom pom hanging lamp light

Photo from Creative Mama

coffee can hanging lamp light fixture

Photo from ReadyMade

Love both of these cool DIY Hanging Lamps, one a paper pom pom, the other made from coffee cans.

And we're going to show you the tutorials so you can make either light or both all by yourself.


The Pom Pom light tutorial comes from Marta Locklear over at Creative Mama, my new favorite site. These hanging lamps are so versatile. Make colorful ones for a kid's room or playroom. Try white and sophisticated for the bedroom or dining area.

The Coffee Can lamp tutorial from ReadyMade, via Unpluggd, takes the term "canned lighting" to a new level. The finished product is lovely. And for a more rustic look, you can use old coffee cans — creative reuse! You can even get spray paint involved to match a certain room.

Good luck and let there be light!


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