New Goals Toward Joy + Balance: Week 4 Progress


Photo by Sheri Reed

Wow, one month down, and I'm pretty proud of my progress toward finding joy in a more balanced life. Now it's time to look at what worked and what didn't and make new goals for this month.

Bless you, brave souls who are playing along (and doing so well!). Keep sharing your progress, and if you're new here, you can join us anytime!


Thoughts on Week 4 and Making New Goals:

Last week, I still didn't manage to make two out of five of my monthly goals: 1) Sit one-on-one with each child for 15 uninterrupted minutes 2x a week, and 2) Go on one photo-taking outing.

I'm less worried about #2 than #1 since I have continued to take photos here and there, as weather and inspiration have permitted, and I worked on some other creative projects like salvaging a craft table and recovering a chair. Plus, I'm about to go on an overnighter to San Francisco with a photo-taking mama friend, and there will be lots of photos taken then. Then my family is going on our annual beach trip too. Gotta make up for lost time.  

I'm still a little unsettled about #1, as I spoke about last week. So I'm going to change my goal a little in terms of my work and my computer time in order to open up more possibilities here. Instead of trying to mark minutes where I sit still with my kids, I'm going to work toward making myself more available and present and see where it leads us.

For my February goals, I'm carrying over several of the ones that are working and offering me daily joy. For others, I am changing them up a bit in an effort to find the joy in those areas of my life. I'm still maintaining that in finding joy in each area of one's life, one will find more feelings of balance. Scroll to the bottom to see my goals for February.

Go forth and seek joy, my friends! And let me know how it's going. If you're new here, say hello.

What's your biggest struggle in your joy progress and why do you think that is? What are your new goals for February?

Forgot how to make the goals? Visit the  original plan.

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Sheri's February Goals:

Marriage: Sign up for preschool's monthly Parents Night Out. (continued)

Kids: Make boundaries around computer time, specifically 1) close laptop while supervising 1st grader's homework, and 2) no working between dinnertime and bedtime.

Personal Interests: Go on one photo-taking outing a month. 

Work: Shower and/or get dressed to leave the house at the beginning of every work day. (continued)

Household: File, recycle, or trash "the stack" on the kitchen counter once a week. (continued). Adding: Put away laundry as soon as it is folded.

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